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The Word of A Nerd was started on December 1, 2012.

There are currently 700+ followers via GFC, Bloglovin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The Word of A Nerd receives 4,000+ page views a month, and continues to grow in readership.

Nerd + Babes is a great and affordable place to gain exposure for business – big or small . I would love to help your business grow by sharing my opinion on your product or service. Please note I will only review/advertise products or services to my readers that I myself am happy to support – I will always give my honest opinion. I can only introduce businesses, blogs, products or services that relate my lifestyle and blog mission. If you would like more information please contact me via email.

You Can Write Me:
Charity Babe
1000 W. Palm Drive #343095
Homestead, Florida 33034

For all questions, comments or concerns email me by clicking the link below: 

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