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the love

Courting in 2004 vs Married for 7 years in 2012

Our story begins like no other I know.  There were no magical sparks or fireworks when we first met – at least not for me. I was a 16 year old junior in high school when I began working at Publix Supermarket; it was my second real job. Originally I wanted a job as a cashier but they only had a bagger position available – so I obliged and became the only “Bag Girl” there. After attending a week-long training I was finally sent to my home store to receive on the job training. There I met the Manager who led me to the supervisor who would train me. This is where I met Mr. Fixit. I had seen him a few times when I went into the store to shop with my mom but it was not until I started working there that I finally got to meet him. Our Manager asked him to show me the ropes – he was quiet but still very bossy so immediately I was not too fond of him. That first day of work was fun despite his bossy nature, I loved all the new people I was able to meet....amongst my new coworkers was Mr. FixIt's mom. She asked me tons of questions about my background because she claimed I had an accent. She was very curious about me but seemed nice.

A few weeks down the line Mr. Fixit and I were on a first name basis but strictly professional. Apparently he had been telling one of the workers in the meat department about me and the two of them ran into me working on an aisle while they were going to break. The meat worker smiled as he and Mr. Fixit walked and chatted together. He looked my way and asked Mr. Fixit my name. The meat worker then says "Charity how old are you?" I promptly told him that I was 16, he laughed and looked at Mr. Fixit and said "She's jailbait!" They laughed and walked away. I shook my head thinking they were really strange guys and continued leveling the aisle.

When my shift was over I was walking to my car when I hear a voice calling out to me. Of course, you guessed it – it was Mr. Fixit. He wanted me to wait for him so he could ask me something. At first I was about to say no, but I decided to give him a few minutes. As he walked with me to my car he talked about how he could not believe I was only 16, and I was like “yeah well I am!”. So I asked how old he was and found out that he was 22. I had never looked at him like anything more than just a coworker for the simple fact that he was bossy, he was shorter than I liked my guys but he was taller than me, and I had a boyfriend (though it was a rocky relationship I had a boyfriend none the less.) – Single or not he was just not my type. As the months went on Mr. Fixit began to show me his romantic interest I continue to just be his friend and coworker. My boyfriend and I broke up and it was great being single and just hanging with my friends. I started to see what my mom was talking about – she always said relationships were too demanding at that age, she was right. Eventually I started hanging out with Mr. Fixit at work – it was completely platonic. At first he would just talk to me for an hour by my car after work, then he and I had to lunch together in the employee lounge, after a while he verbally expressed his interest in me which I swiftly rejected. I was not ready for another relationship. Mr. Fixit was, he was so interested in me that he talked to my mom when she came into the grocery store and let her know he was my friend. Of course my mom knew what he really meant and told me “Mr. Fixit likes you! How old is he?” When I told her his age she said “Nope he's too old”.  He was in college, working, and very independent – that’s about all I thought was interesting about him.

We were so young!
After rejecting Mr. FixIt's proposals to begin courting over and over, I finally talked to my Grandma who thought he sounded like a nice guy. She actually did not see anything wrong with the age difference and said he sounded more mature than most guys that were 22. She convinced my mom to allow me and Mr. Fixit to go out for dinner. My Mom was still trying to warm up to the idea, but she agreed. On his next proposal for a date I let him know that I could go because I finally got the approval from my mom. He happily agreed to come by and pick me up on the weekend for dinner and a movie. My mom was surprised to hear that he also had his own car and was a bit leery about us going out together. She finally just said yes because she trusted me so much. Our first date was wonderful, and I never imagined that he could be that so sweet and personable outside of work. He was chivalrous, he opened my car door, and all the doors entering and exiting the restaurant and movie theatre. He also prompted me to call my mom and check in with her when we got to each destination and he made sure to get me home at a reasonable hour.
Little did we know a year from this date we would be married.
We continued to see each other more, both at work and after I got out of school. Little did I know Mr. Fixit had bigger plans for us as the year went on – it was something I never thought would happen. A little more than a year later in October of 2004 he picked me up from school, we went to the park near his house and he proposed to me. My mind immediately flooded with thoughts about what my mom was going to think – and if this all was some crazy dream. So he asked again, still kneeling down “Will you marry me?” My heart began to beat wildly, and I looked at the diamond ring and then at his face and finally said yes. After he slid the ring on my finger I asked him what we were going to tell my mom, he told me he had already asked for my hand in marriage and that she said yes. I didn’t believe and had to give her a call, she confirmed everything that he was saying and told us both that we could not get married until after I finished high school. So we set our wedding date for one month after my high school graduation.
Enjoying our Courtship
Never did I image that at 18 years old I would be getting married, but after printing invitations, making center pieces, and convincing all my friends that I wasn't crazy  I headed down the wedding aisle – It was July 2nd, 2005. I was very nervous as I walked towards him, I felt somewhat delirious actually. I am still not sure if it was wedding jitters or a lack of sleep the night before. As we said our vows I felt a sense of calm, Mr. Fixit choked back tears as he professed his love for me. I kept it together and tried my best not to look at my mother who was a blubbering mess – looking at her was sure to make me cry. On that day we became Mr. & Mrs. FixIt, a young married couple with an unknown future ahead of us. 
Prayer's for a strong and healthy marriage.
I know Pronounce you Mr. & Mrs. FixIt, you may kiss your bride.
We have been married now for nearly 8 years – our story was one of those that no one thought would make it. We pledged ourselves to one another long before we had even tasted life. Nonetheless we have survived college, financial stresses, careers, and moving 1300 miles away from our first home. Even with all the changes and trials, by God’s grace and teaching we are making our way through a happy Christ centered marriage! That is not to say we live a problem free life, but we do know who to call on for help.
Para-sailing in the Cayman Islands.
Anniversary in Kissimmee,
Mr. FixIt is my best friend I look to him as my leader, lover, provider, and protector. I am honored to live each day of my life as his wife. He is the love of my life and I am so glad God sent him my way. We are more in love now than ever before, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Winter 2012 NYC


the testimony

I will never try to make our story sound like a fairy tale, because its not one. As much as Mr.Fixit and I have our wonderful moments we have endured years of grief and heartache over the same issue. For several years now we have tried everything we can to conceive. Our struggle with infertility had been a strain on our marriage. It has brought us to both scream and tears, it has cause us to hold hands and to sleep apart – for several years we allowed it to keep us broken. For many years we let it keep us isolated from our family and friends – but not any more.

We like many couples of the bible and in this world today deal with our bodies not being able to deliver what our hearts want. We desire to have a child of our own. At first I believed that we were cursed and that it had to be something that one of us had done. Now with a heart for God I know that it was nothing that we had done. We are not living to fulfill our own story but instead to give GOD glory.

The doctors have found nothing wrong with either of us. So it has been more of a wait and see process. We are both maintaining a healthier diet, enjoying each other, and our life. We are trusting in GOD on this journey and know that he is guiding us.

Our marriage is currently standing, praying, and believing that we will pass this test. We believe in GOD's mighty power and know that he will bless us beyond our wildest dreams. We praise him in advance because we know we will prevail. If you are dealing with infertility know that you are not alone.


  1. I actually cried reading this. So beautiful!

  2. I love y'all! We all need to meet one day for real, and I look forward to staying in touch through this wonderful bloggy world! Oh yea, did I tell you I'm feelin' the new design? Loves it!


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  4. What a unique and beautiful story. Going through trials as a couple is difficult, sometimes you feel like you are at a breaking point and you can't take anymore but then you realize how strong of a relationship you have. Like most say... trials make you stronger. Putting faith in God will help you realize what his plan is your you and Mr. Fixit.

  5. This was so beautiful! I pray that God gives you strength in your marriage and lets all things happen at the right time.

  6. Hi Charity, I love your blog. Stumbled across it through another blog. IYou have a beautiful story, I recently married in May of this year and I am facing all the huge adjustments of being a newlywed at 24. I can't imagine at 18. You two are a true testament of what love can endure. I will come back and check on your blog peridoically.


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