This is 30

17 April 2017

I think I've finally hit the goldmine in life, I'm finding myself and coming up from the fog of new motherhood. Just a few weeks before turning 30 I was determined to be a better me. I wanted to take out time to become more in tune with myself and to unearth all my new desires for life.

As a mom of twins there is hardly any time to be you and trust me being their mother is all I could have wanted. There is no other love like the one I experiencing now. I'm a very attached parent and a super crunchy mama. So that means most if not all of my time is focused on my littlest loves. It wasn't until recently that someone asked me what I liked to do and I realized I was so out of touch with what "I" wanted, liked, or needed. I really don't know who I am anymore besides Chauncey and Oliver's mommy.

In January I decided it was time to find myself again. That mission started with the physical, as I was not pleased with my appearance. I've grown my locs for 8 years and decided cut them off. They were no longer healthy and just hid the hair issues I had underneath. Now with them gone I am obligated to care for my hair and to make sure I am eating and drinking properly to make sure it grows back full.

I also began to drink more water because my skin looked dull and lifeless. My face was looking less full and almost wrinkled. In just a few weeks I noticed huge differences where my skin and nails were concerned. I even started attending Zumba and Pilates in the same time frame. My husband constantly tells me how beautiful I am but I want to be pleased with what I see in the mirror and I know that's going to take time.

For my mental and spiritual I've started reading again. Both my bible and a few fiction books. It's been so nice to escape in a book. I am also planning to take a social media hiatus after Easter so that I can regain focus on my own creativity where blogging and art are concerned and my biggest goal of  helping women breastfeed.

Honestly this 30th Birthday has done wonders for self actualization. I feel like I'm pleased with the direction I'm headed in and I'm excited to see the fruits I'll be bearing after all this cultivating. God has really opened my eyes to learn a lot more about myself and I love it. My husband and I are pending a big move and God has reminded me to live right here in the present making memories with friends, family and for myself. I am seizing all opportunities until he tells me there is something better and more important to do. 

So far this is 30 and I love it.


13 April 2017

In three short months my husband and I will celebrate 12 years of marriage. We have more happy moments than growing pains but without a doubt they are there. Over the years I am learning to savor all the moments that we get together whether they be good, bad or mundane. Life is to short so I know its important to appreciate our journey.

For a long time I thought that my husband and I met by chance. It wasn't until we had been married for a few years that I realized God created my husband just for me. He knows precisely how to handle my green, romantic, control freak nature. The only way anyone could possibly know how to love me in spite of it all is if God hardwired it into their DNA. And because of that It would be hard for anyone to convince me that we are not soulmates.

My husbands personality is nearly completely opposite of mine. So where I lack he has and abundance and where I have an abundance he sometimes lacks. One thing I admire the most about my husband is that he forgives easily. And when I say forgive I mean he actually doesn't hold a person's faults against them after he forgives. I've never been able to be like that. He's shown an incredible ability to forgive not just me for my antics but to forgive others that have hurt him a ton. That has been a struggle for me most of my life so I know that God used him to open my eyes to how easy it would be to become a forgiver with God's help.

I also love how hard he works and how he cared for me and those around him for so many years. He's always willing to put himself last even to help a friend. So right off the bat he is selfless and forgiving. He's giving all he could to take and our children and continues to work hard even when he's dirt tired to provide a life for us. There hasn't been anyone that I thought I could so easily give my life for but I know without a doubt I would give it up for my soulmate. He inspires me everyday to be more forgiving and I know God put him in my life to be an example of that. So to you my dear, I give all my love.

In the comments below tell me who you admire and why. First person to comment will win passes to see "The Promise" starring Christian Bale. The Promise released to theatres Friday, April 21.

Check out the trailer below. Winner will be announced Monday.

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