12 December 2016


Two babies are now two years old. I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown. Not only did we survive it, we are thriving, learning, and living so well together. Some days are difficult but they are definitely overshadowed by the days that are exceptional.

We've now been breastfeeding for 2 years, and the babies are definitely showing signs of becoming more independent. Nursing is strictly on their terms even when I offer to them. Sometimes they happily ask to sit in my lap and other times they sprint off in the opposite direction while shouting "no". The later description is mostly Chauncey, Oliver usually comes running to me each time.

As of today the boys have many similarities but are vastly different. Chauncey is much more physical and loves to wrestle, be chased, and be social with big kids. He will walk right up to a bigger kid at the library and play as if he's known them forever, he's my little social butterfly. Oliver enjoys reading, being read to, and exploring nature. When we go on walks he likes to touch every blade of grass and bush we pass by while naming everything he sees. He's my little botanist. And together they enjoy cooking in their kitchen, sorting shapes, stacking, and pushing their pewis around. They love yogurt, Chipotle, plantains, vanilla milkshakes, all beans, and apple sauce = they are vegan. When we take walks they also enjoy seeing fire trucks, airplanes, and buses passing by. 

It is my hope that in the coming year they will continue to grow bigger and stronger while staying healthy. I hope I can set a pace for them to continue to learn what they enjoy, teach them about God, start our traveling adventures, and figure out a curriculum for our homeschooling journey. I'm also excited to see if God will bless my two miracles with a baby brother or sister in the future. Being their mommy is so amazing, I couldn't ask for better babies even with all of our challenges.

Happy Birthday to my miracles, Chauncey + Oliver!

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