Christmas Time is Here: A Giveaway

14 December 2016

Advent, the arrival of a notable person, thing or event. The birth of Jesus fits this description perfectly. 

I never heard of advent before I became an adult. It was never discussed when we picked our tree, opened presents, or when we sat down to eat that huge Christmas feast. Our Christmas season though memorable was devoid of a reason. As my relationship with Christ developed I learned that the season that looked to Santa to be the hero was actually all about the birth of a little baby who was born to save the world from it's sin. 

I can now see the Christ in Christmas as a time to reflect and reconnect to what is true. Christmas is about Christ, family, and the love of God. The birth of his Son Jesus was about producing a tangible love for his people that would save us all. A love that would be with us and give up itself for us on the cross no matter how ugly or sinful we were.
Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign. Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14
Immanuel means God with us.
The reality of that love has becoming deafening especially since I've become a mother. I could never imagine giving the life of either one of my children to save someone else. This type of love is breathtaking, especially knowing that the God of the universe has that type of love for me.

Faith is really important at this time of year because it is so easy to be swept away in the fantasy of Santa or the materialistic side of it that is consumed with gifts. Christmas time is a great way to bring families together on truth. I am super excited to share this wonderful time with my boys through songs about the anticipation Mary felt as she carried Jesus and all about his birth. I want to make sure they see Christmas as a time to look outside of what they want but towards what people around them need, just like Jesus did.

Advent is important because it prepares our mind and hearts to received and share the gift of salvation that was given to us. So with that said I'd like to share two DVDs with one lucky reader in a giveaway. I am giving away a copy of Greater and Hillsong- Let Hope Rise that release to DVD on December 20th. If you'd like to win these copies comment below on what Christmas means to you.

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