23 August 2016

The media often tells us that there is no hope for children who grow up without a father or come from a broken home. The move Greater, tells us another story. A story of preserverance, love, and faith in the life of Brandon Burlsworth.

This week I had the opportunity to view an early screening of the motion picture "Greater". It's an amazing movie that will win your heart from the start, I would give  it a 9 out of 10. In short this film tells the story of a young boy who overcomes various adversities to become one of the greatest football players the Arkansas Razorbacks have ever known. It is said that Brandon Burlsworth had no natural talent but the story reveals that his indefatigable effort to learn trumped talent every time. Brandon worked his way to the top in spite of the various challenges he faced at home. At his core he always put God and Family first, which I believe was the catalyst of why he succeeded at football. This story though tragic keeps an upbeat tempo as it chronicles Brandon's life. The actor Chris Severino does an accurate depiction of what many say Burlsworth was like - humble, respectable, and very cautious of indulging in alcohol, smoking or profanity.

There are many instances in Brandon's life that could have easily made him change course. I can really identify with the struggles he had in the relationship with his father. The depiction of that relationship alone is something that I think many movie goers will identify with. Alcoholism affects so many families and it is important for people, both young and old to know that they can overcome this issue.

I also throughly enjoyed the small details that were not left out when it came to how Brandon got along with his mother and brother. The film shares about Brandon's close relationship with his brother Marty who was 17 years his senior. Marty didn't like the idea that everyone thought he was Brandon's father but that never stopped him from acting as if he was. At the end of the film Martys emotions over the loss of his brother were at the forefront. My only concern in the depiction of Marty was the conversation he had with the strange man on the football field. I couldn't understand if he was his conscience, the devil's advocate, or a town nag. I would have liked a little more clarity on the purpose of this character. 

The movie also gets a thumbs up for an incredible sound track that included popular hymns. Some of which transported me back to the times that I attended youth services at my childhood church. I'm not much a sports fan so I worried that a story based solely on football could be boring. This was not the case for Greater, the acting was superb and just what the movie needed to make Brandon Burlsworth's story come alive again. Christ Severino did an amazing job in the portrayal of Burlsworth in the bar scene where he was so close to losing it after a bullying incident. The small town setting, town involvement in football, and the river baptism also helped to depict what life was actually like for Burlsworth.

The film has done a great job telling a story of perseverance while inspiring and motivating its audience. This movie is incredibly moving and a great reminder of how hard work can literally change your life. It's not a movie you'd want to miss.

I have 2 greater movie jerseys to give away. Enter below by leaving a comment to tell me about your favorite biopic. The winner will be chosen randomly and announce in my post on Monday.

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