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25 August 2016

After watching the movie greater I've been thinking of how much of a challenge I also faced while in school. Most of you already know I'm the daughter of a teen mom. Many times people didn't take my mom seriously when she wanted to ask questions about our schooling. However when I was in the second grade I remember my new teacher telling my mom that I talked a lot and got in trouble for it. The teacher seemed to suggest that maybe there was an attention issue. My mom was assertive and told her she knew for a fact that I did not have an attention disorder and she told the teacher that she was almost certain that I was bored.

After much pushing and talking to different professionals at the district level my mom secured an appointment for me to get tested for the gifted programs. After several weeks we received the results that I was actually a gifted student.  The answer was here, I had poor conduct grades because I was bored and super chatty with the other kids. 

It took another year before I was able to enroll in the gifted program at school. My new teacher reviewed my individual learning plan and kept me plenty busy. My conduct grades rose and I stayed on the principle's honor roll for many years. Even though the struggle was mine, it was a battle for my mom too. Her persistence taught me that you always stand up for what you believe in and you never give up.

The challenges only got bigger as I headed to college many years later. My biggest hurdle for college was the same as Brandon Burlsworth's, money! Though I had received a scholarship it was really hard to pay for things when I decided to further my education at a private university. I found myself unable to come up with money for the books as soon as school started or the money to pay for the huge course load I was taking. 

At one point I was ready to give up on that degree. My advisors continued to push me through and to encourage me to continued. One day my advisor emailed me to come to meet with him in the morning. He talked to me about money and the goals that I set. He then steered me in the direction of a few scholarships that may help to cover what my loans didn't. I applied for tons of them and never was contacted. Just as I was about to give up my advisor said just do one more. That last application was the break I needed. I got the scholarship and it helped me to cover books and left over tuition cost.

Financial stress is one of the biggest ones a college student can face. Now that I have my own children I vow to make sure they can attend college without debt and without worry of how they will pay for it. I am also glad that chapter of my life has closed. If you are facing financial challenges or challenges with your children's schooling just know you can overcome it all. Be persistent and never give up, persistence pays - just look at Brandon Burlsworth.

Here's a chance for you to win. Tell me about a challenge that you or your child face in school. I will select one answer randomly to win a $25 dollar Walmart gift card. Winner will be announced in Mondays blog post.

GREATER is an inspirational movie based on the life of Brandon Burlsworth that reminds us that any dream is possible. GREATER releases in theaters this August 26. Click here to check for movie times near you.

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  1. Hi Charity! It sounds like your educational journey was a trying one! I had similar issues as you when I was in school. I was tested for the academically gifted program and was placed in advanced placement classes. I realized that I was talkative but chocked it up to being personable. Turns out I was bored. As a teacher now I see this so much in the classroom. I'm hioing to bridge the gap between the LO students and the AG students in my room. Like many of my students I had a complicated start and as I got older my parents didn't help with school, nor was there an emphasis to continue my education. When I got my undergraduate degree I was taking our student loans ( which I'm still paying off) to function on a dad to day basis. When I went to grad school I was in a position to pay for classes one at a time, but money was really tight. Through infertility in the mix, you can imagine the struggle of school and growin a family. We all have those struggles, but I'm glad we made choices to get through them.


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