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25 July 2016

It's been a year since we sold our home and rented a condo. Our plans were to be unattached should a transfer to a more desirable location come our way. 

We found a quaint but tiny condo and quickly moved into the second unit on the bottom floor of a tropical community. For the most part it was quiet and our move had gone unnoticed. However a few nights after living in our new place we put our 7 month old twins to bed, shortly after someone knocked on the door. I started to get upset that someone was knocking on our door this late, mainly because the boys bedroom window was right next to the front door. I was afraid that they would be awaken and I wouldn't get that shower I desperately needed. Thankfully my husband was home that night and he ran to the door to answer it.

There was a slightly round guy there. He introduced himself as Nicholas. He told us that he realized we moved in but it was always too late to come by but he figured it was now or never. He came with a cooler full of fish as a welcome to the neighborhood. I felt horrible after we closed the door, as I hadn't expected such kindness. Nicholas continued to bring us freshly caught him fish and vegetables each week until our freezer was too full. 

In the mornings I often walked the babies and would catch him before he went to work. We chatted a bit and he told me stories that always made me laugh. He was quite the character. During one of the stories he told me he could let anything in life stress him because he had a bad heart. Each day we chatted a bit and had laughs. He was by far the most interesting and funny neighbor I've ever had. 

On July 2, the day of our wedding anniversary my husband and I went to celebrate while my mom and her husband stayed with our babies. When we got back home my mom hit me with the news that Nicolas had been rushed off to the hospital while we were away. His wife has never really talked to us in the time that we live here so when I knocked on the door she never answered and she always avoided me any time she could. I finally had the chance to see her a few days later and she told me he was okay. I was glad to hear he was fine.

This week I saw his car had come back home and was excited to talk to him in the morning. Upon taking out the trash I ran into his wife who told me Nicholas had died and they already had his funeral. I was devastated and it really seems like a dream. Each time I open my freezer I look at all the fish he had given to us. I also feel sorry for the stray cat that he fed every day. It's amazing how in one year he made an impact on my life. His friendship challenged me to be more outgoing, carefree, and friendly. I'm really going to miss seeing him each morning and I wish I had taken more time to show him how much I cared. Nicolas has inspired me, I hope that his friendly upbeat personality can live on through me each and every day.

In memory of my sweet friend Nicholas I am giving away a $25 dollar target gift card. Comment below and tell me about someone who inspires you to live more authentically. Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Friday. 

If you are interested in hearing more about people who defy the odds of life and inspire Check out Season 2 of BORN THIS WAY which premieres Tuesday, July 26 on A&E Network


  1. awww girl. I am so sorry for this loss. This is heartbreaking and not what I was expecting to read.

    In other news, I am inspired by my nephew, Kai, who also passed away. He reminds me to live more authentic.

    Hugs again to you and your family.

  2. I'm so sorry Charity. I love how Nicholas has impacted your life. My father has always been my inspiration to live an authentic life. My dad has never uttered the words "I love you" out of his mouth. But my father has shown me how to love unconditionally and to help those in need no matter how little I have myself.
    I think my father's character made me the mother and woman I am today. I only comment to share my inspiration. If you select me, please use the $25 target gift card to buy that stray cat food to honor Nicholas.

  3. So sorry for your life! My best friends have always been an inspiration for me. They've been through so much and did it gracefully.

  4. My mother is my inspiration. She inspires me to be kind, generous and responsible.


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