What Dreams Are Made Of

01 June 2016

Life has been quite a whirlwind, months have flown by like hours in a day. In just a weeks time my boys will be 6 months closer to turning two. While I am so blessed to be with them every moment of each day I can't seem to hold on to these moments. Life is very much a series of  fleeting moment, old memories fade as we make new ones. When they become grown men I worry I won't be able to remember much of this time and honestly I am doing a horrible job of documenting through words what we experience day to day.

So on today I spent time organizing their photos and completing some pages that were long overdue in their baby books. As I look back at pictures of those tiny fragile newborns I can hardly recognize them in my strong spirited boys. I remember praying for them and this chance to be a mother. God granted my prayers and now I pray to savor each moment that I have with these precious baby boys. They make my heart swell and I've never known a love like this before - so intense, so passionate, so enduring. I'm so grateful for Chauncey and Oliver, they are absolutely my dream come true. 

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