I Broke My Baby....

24 June 2016

The day started off great, nursies, breakfast, and a little playtime. The boys turned 18 months and we were excited to celebrate. This was our first time going to a children's museum and I was sure that they would love it. The museum was position perfectly by the ocean so we could also watch the sea planes take off. I knew they were going to loose it seeing those planes landing in the water, it was going to be a good day. 

We parked and paid to enter, pushing the boys in their wagon. Anytime we venture out with our boys we have joy in our hearts and smiles on our faces. It's so nice to have people adore them like we do. The boys we also excited, they squealed all the way into the museum.

As they explored they smiled and ran gleefully around and touched different things. 45 minutes into touring the museum Oliver watched all the children come down this giant slide. His eyes were big and he smiled hard. I asked if he wanted to go and he reached up for me.

Slides were our thing. We loved riding them together wherever we went. As we sat in the slide I could feel him jumping on my lap in excitement. I pushed off and then we slowed down. I looked to see that his shoe was stuck, I pulled it down and continued to slide. We made it to the bottom and his laughs turned into soft cries. When I removed him from my lap to stand he hobbled on one leg and then cried louder. 

I told my husband what happened and he insisted that it was just a pulled muscle. I nursed him a bit to calm him down and it worked but when I tried to put him down again he cried and limped. At that point I knew he was hurt so we went straight to the hospital. Just like that our fun was over.

I told the doctors what happened and apparently this break was common and it happens to many children. I was devastated, I couldn't believe my child had a broken bone. He also needed a cast. It felt so surreal and I was so upset that he was feeling pain. They said he would heal quickly 3-6 weeks but nothing will ever fix my broken heart and the trauma that comes from hurting your child. Oliver will slide again but I don't know that we will do it together.

It's been nearly two weeks now, we have been told that he can have his cast removed in another week. Oh what a joy to hear that as its been a completely miserable time for all of us. The one perk to having a baby in a cast is a lot more snuggles. 

I absolutely can not wait until he's whole and healed again. Come on July!

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