7 hours.

21 September 2015

I can hardly sleep, as its been a little over 24 hours since my good friends lost their baby. Doctors originally told her that he wouldn't live at birth because of a defect with his kidneys that caused weakened lungs. They urged her to abort her baby, coldly they said "the faster this is done the faster you can get pregnant again". Just like that they dismissed the significance of his little life. They reduce the suffering she endured for 3 years as she and her husband tried to conceive again.

It's such a shame how many doctors really have no clue what infertility is like. Just like my friend I was encouraged to abort my pregnancy when ultrasounds revealed to doctors what would be unfavorable results. All my charts said I conceive via IVF. These were miracle babies but they didn't care. My friend and I have the same belief system, the Lord is supreme and he alone dictates life and death. She and her husband chose to allow God the time to perform a miracle in their baby's life. If he didn't they knew that he would equip them to deal with grief and comfort them through it all.

Just this weekend after 9 months of carrying a baby that doctors didn't believe would be born alive, she gave birth. Baby Dakota was born crying and breathing. Though he was weak he defied odds and lived for 7 golden hours. His mother and father were able to snuggle and kiss him for the entire time. They were able to pray for him and praise God for him. The death of a baby is hard, it hurts so much. I'm not even his mother and I mourn for him. I hate that my friends are going through this but I am glad for them they they'll never wonder what if.

Had this family succumbed to the pressures to abort their baby they would have never know what his face looked like, what his cries sounded like, and what his warm skin felt like pressed up against theirs. There are no what ifs since this sweet baby was given a chance at life. His family will long for his presence and imagine how life would have been with him, but they'll never have to wonder if he would have survived if they had given him the chance. They did all that they could do. I'm heartbroken for them, and struggling myself to understand but I know redemption will win.

Please if you can pray for my friends that they would have comfort and peace during this devastating time. 


  1. They are in my thoughts and prayers. When the doctors found out our baby had triploidy, I think they expected us to abort. They didn't understand why we would want to continue a pregnancy with a baby labeled "incompatible with life". They may never understand, but carrying her for the time we did was so precious, and I cannot imagine taking a second of it away. Your friends are so strong and brave to let God be the author of their son's life!

  2. Oh gosh - I am so choked up right now. I bet those 7 hours were the best 7 hours of their life... even if it did end with the hardest second of their life... continuing with the difficult period of healing of their lives...
    Praying for your friends.

  3. This is heartbreaking!! I can't imagine what they are going through...the absolute worst thing. But I'm sure they are thankful for those 7 hours! Praying for them, and you my friend!

  4. This just brought tears to my eyes. I do not understand how doctors can be so insensitive. I completely agree, that you just never know. God allowed them to have their little blessing even for so brief a time. If they had not gone through that, they would never have known if they would have had a little time or a life time. My thoughts and prayers for their comfort at this time.

  5. oh goodness! I just can't iimagine! But I am so inspired by their faith and trust in the Lord. Prayers!! xo



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