25 April 2015

It's changing me, I can feel it. I've wanted this for so long but I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to my former self. When I look in the mirror these days I hardly recognize who I've become. Who is this woman up at 3am cuddling babies without a single complaint? Who is this woman that isn't grossed out by projectile spit up or poo? Who is this woman that finds being touched delightful? Who is this woman?! I don't know her yet there is so much about her that I admire.

I'm working hard to understand this new role. I've never liked to be touched yet four tiny hands probe me all day. God knew physical touch wasn't my love language so he made me a mother. I get it, through touching unspoken words flow. Little baby hands touch me to say " I love you, Mommy" - while little baby heads lay on my shoulder to say "I need you.". It's all so overwhelming it makes my heart swell. Patience was never my strong suit yet it glows from within while holding a crying babe. Its changing me, motherhood is changing me at the core.

And I'm eternally grateful.


  1. What a beautiful post. Although I'm not a mother, I believe that motherhood should change you. It suits you well. xoxo

  2. Wonderful post!! I definitely agree with you... I was somewhat of a germaphobe before but motherhood definitely changed that! Crazy how someone so little (or two someones for you!) can hold such a huge chunk of your heart. We are so blessed!

  3. I absolutely love this and I love that you say you ADMIRE this woman you're becoming. ..beautiful!

  4. I absolutely love this and I love that you say you ADMIRE this woman you're becoming. ..beautiful!

  5. Sweet Charity! So good hearing from you!

  6. Its so refreshing to hear someone put these things into words. So many women are ashamed of being honest with others about what the real truth. Thank you for being so honest with us. I knew it would change anyone who was blessed to have kids, but I never thought about not recognizing myself. Makes sense. You're so strong and brave. Thanks sissy!

  7. Being a momma makes you more of a wonderful woman, I'm sure!!!
    The qualities you never knew you had within in...
    you're such a beautiful momma!


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