37 Weeks: You've Been Served

03 December 2014

Dear Babies,

Okay here's the deal. I'm done playing nice with you. You don't pay rent and you eat all my food. Not to mention you are really nosey and I know you're listening to all my private business. This is your official eviction notice.

Eviction proceedings have started. Your Daddy and I have begun walking and some other fun things to get you out of your cozy two bedroom condo. We've determined that you've out stayed your welcome in my womb and we'd rather have you in our arms. So please do your last minute primping and pack your sweet little bags. We've got a whole world of family and friends waiting on your arrival. Most of all your dear Mommy lacks patience and would really like to sleep on her back again but not before staring at your sweet faces all day.

We are eager to see you and learn about you. We don't even know what your names will be yet. We've got a nice room waiting for you and cozy beds for you to sleep in. We even had our last date before your arrival. So come on don't keep us waiting, we waited 7 years already.

Love Always,
Mommy & Daddy
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