28 Weeks: Ello 3rd Trimester

01 October 2014

Wow! Twenty Eight weeks? Honestly if I wasn't dealing with the switching of doctors and unpleasant things during this pregnancy I wouldn't believe it was happening to me. Today the babies roll, kick, hiccup, and punch each other - I love it.

My prayer for boredom for the rest of this pregnancy has been answered thus far. Besides routine appointments with three doctors everything else has been smooth flowing. I am so grateful to God for this all. In my last post I shared that we had done the MRI. I have no news on the results.. I have not seen the doctor who ordered those test yet. When I have some news I will share here on the blog.

I finally feel bliss as we get ready to tackle these last few weeks of pregnancy and prepare for the arrival of our Baby Bears. We have just 12 weeks left, and yes I know that on average twins come early - but honestly nothing has been average about my pregnancy so I don't lump myself into those neat little boxes that the doctors design. I am still believing my babies will make it fullterm and that my body will open on it's own to let them out. So far nothing has happened to make me believe otherwise.

I don't have a report on how large the babies are yet, that will come in a few days. However I did get the news from my OB that my uterus is now measuring at 35 weeks. That's the size of an almost 9 month pregnant uterus, eek! Although most people comment on how I am carrying small for twins they have no idea how my insides feel. My babies have decided they rather be closer to my heart so they have grown upwards instead of out, this leaves little room for food or air!

Overall I am feeling pretty good. I prefer the day over night because that's when I am most comfortable. Sleeping is hard, I can hardly get comfortable and my belly is just really heavy. Oh how I long for sleep in a lazy boy. The sleepless nights have served as good practice for the sleepless nights to come. My body seems to be handling everything quite well. I don't have pregnancy diabetes, I am not swelling, but I have gained good amount of weight. I still ask not to know my weight but I was told by my nurse yesterday to keep going. It's reassuring to hear from doctors and nurses that my babies need nourishment and I am being encouraged to give them what they need. Eating has been a challenge because I can only eat small amount every 1-2 hours but its great not being on a restricted diet.

Speaking of food, we have some exciting things coming up this first week of October and I am so glad. On Saturday the 4th my hubby and I will be attending our baby shower. I will have lots of cake to celebrate. On the Monday the 6th we will have our 3D/4D ultrasound and on Tuesday the 7th my hubby turns one year older. He will be the same age as Jesus. Do any of you know how old that is?

Lastly I want to apologize for the mix up when the blog was private a few days ago. I am preparing for some big changes on the blog and we were doing a little maintenance. My apologies. Thank you all for reading, praying, texting, and emailing me. I really do love and appreciate you all.


  1. Glad everything was OK with your blog - I was worried we were going to miss out on baby news :)
    You look so fantastic!! That belly bump!!!!!! So precious!

  2. Happy 3rd trimester!!! And happy 33rd birthday to your hubby!

    Your body and your babies are kicking butt. Keep it up oxox

  3. You look so beautiful! Such an exciting time for y'all. :)

  4. So crazy it's already 28 weeks! Love that you are calling them your Baby Bears. Too sweet. They are going to love their mama and papa bear too!

  5. I know you are getting excited but exhausted. My baby girl is at 23 weeks. I didn't know ya'll were so close. I guess I should know that when I started following your blog a few weeks before her IVF so we'd know what to expect. Fun, fun, fun!

  6. Wow already in the 3rd trimester! You look amazing:)

  7. Look how gorgeously glowing you are looking Charity! So beautiful and your journey is just a great testimony to the faith and promises of our Lord! So awesome and so excited for you xxx
    Speaking of size - the photos my mum has shown me of her with my twin and I at due date is just (sorry!) hilarious! A small size woman with this massive triangle almost sticking out of her. She'd look like if she bent over she'd tip! So looking forward to seeing you even bigger - sounds weird haha - but bigger in pregnant belly! Such a special thing! xx

  8. So many wonderful things happening for you. Smiling along side you. :-)

    p.s. And yes, I know Jesus' age. heehee Happy (early) Birthday to the hubs.

  9. Love reading these updates girl!! So happy things are going so smoothly. :)

  10. You're glowing my sweet friend! Glad it has been quiet and uneventful as of late.

  11. You are looking beautiful! Pregnancy really suits you. x


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