27 Weeks: Beautifully Flawed

24 September 2014

Sweet Nose & Baby Lips

At 27 years old, I'm 27 weeks pregnant. When my birthday came this year I was recovering from having my first surgery. I didn't go out to dinner or even sip a glass of wine. I was pretty bloated and crampy - coasting sky high on pain medicine. Even with all that I knew then, I never imagined I would be here now - pregnant.

On this very day of our 27th week of pregnancy I had the MRI. This would be the final step in the process of seeing what is really going on with our little love while I'm pregnant. I don't know what the results are going to be and the anxiety I had of facing that appointment has dissipated. I prayed really hard today before and during the appointment. I laid on a barely cushioned slab for 2.5 hours as I was drawn in and out of a dark hole. My hips and sides burned as the weight of my uterus hung unsupported. The pain was worth it to know that when my sweetheart is born s/he won't have to leave my side. I will take any misery for this little one so that on B-Day we can bond and nurse in peace. I prayed 2 Timothy 1:17 the entire time as the noise from the machine swirled around me. Eventually peace overcame me and I dozed in and out of sleep. Somewhere between wake and sleep I heard the words "beautifully flawed".

Whether or not a condition is confirmed or denied both of my babies and myself are beautifully flawed. We were made beautiful by our Creator but by living in a fallen world we face things we didn't expect and things that God does not want for us. As we face frightening challenges its so important to remember that we are not alone. Sometimes our friends, spouses, and families are not enough to carry us through - during those times God wants to be our number one. I felt Him beckoning me nearer to Him today, reminding me that no matter what the test reveals he's a big enough God to equip me with whatever we need. My faith is not in my wonderful doctor but in the Savior who died for healing, forgiveness, and our redemption.

I'm 27 years old and 27 weeks pregnant with two miracles, that's enough for me to know that God's got this.

How far along? 27 weeks today.

Babies are the size of:  A CucumberTotal weight gain: I've requested not to know. I'm eating healthy and believing my body will gain what it needs to feed our babies. New doctor made no comments about my weight. Love him even more!Maternity clothes?  Yes.Stretch marks?  None.Sleep: Besides Naps sleep is elusive. How I crave thee Exercise: What's that?Miss Anything:  A full nights sleep.   Movement: Yes, constant baby judo and tidal waves...hiccups.Food cravings: Pizza and Orange Juice! Don't judge me.Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week.Belly Button In or Out: In but definitely flattening.Rings On or Off: On.Labor Signs: Braxton Hicks....still.Happy or Moody most of the time: That depends on if I'm hot, hungry or sleepy.Looking forward to: My 28 week appointment, we'll see the babies in 3/4D! Come faster please I want to see sweet cheeks and button noses.


  1. <3 I love how you're relying on the Lord through all of this. You really are an inspiration for me!

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  3. This was so beautifully written! And what a reminder to speak the Word to yourself. I wish so much we could meet in person! Like Susannah said, you are an inspiration to me also! {HUGS}

  4. This is such a wonderful testament of your faithfulness and trust in the Lord. Your babies are perfect and fearfully and wonderfully made :) Amen! xo


  5. Such a great reminder!! Praying for you sweet friend and those little blessings! :) Fearfully and wonderfully made. :)

  6. You are such a testament of what faith and trust can do in a believer. I am praying for your babies and your family. I admire your peace and know it's nothing short of His power but that it also takes a lot of spiritual maturity. Big hugs my friend.

  7. You're truly an amazing woman! Your faith in His work inspires me.


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