26 Weeks: The Quest

17 September 2014

I could continue pretending that things have been all rosy on the doctor front but they haven't been. I have three doctors I love my nutritionist and perinatologist, I'm talking about my OB, again. Early in my pregnancy I told you all that I had found an OB that I honestly hated. I know hate is a strong word but that is what best describes what I was feeling in those moments. I didn't hate her as a person but I hate her mindset and manners as a doctor. I knew that she wasn't the doctor that I wanted to be in the care of so I switched to another doctor. The biggest mistake was staying in that practice. There are six doctors there and only two of them were okay with delivering twins vaginally under the best of circumstances. The other four were not okay with it.

At my last appointment with them one of the doctors who was not okay with delivering vaginally for twins let me know that they were no longer being trained for that in school. She told me it was out of her comfort zone. What I didn't know was if my doctor was not on call when I went into labor that they would not go forward with our plan of natural delivery. Instead of the other three doctors telling me about their lack of training they each tried to make me feel like I would risk the death of my babies to have a vaginal birth. They constantly talked about the risk and said nothing positive in hopes to get me on board with a scheduled c section.

My 24 weeks appointment was the last straw and I knew I needed to leave their practice all together. My intended OB was a wonderful guy who assured me that it would be simple to deliver the twins vaginally, but his colleagues weren't on the same page. So after taking my glucose test I left knowing that I needed to change doctors....again. I begin my quest for a new doctor the same day but calling around all I heard were metaphorical doors closing. "They would say how far along are you?" I answered 24 weeks, with twins. The answer was always you are too advanced in your pregnancy for us to take you on as a new patient. Even with prenatal care records? I would ask. They would say "yes even with records we could not see you." I was slowly feeling defeated and continued drowning my sorrows in pints of strawberries, what had I gotten myself into? Why did I stay with this practice for so long?

A few days later I got an email from a doula, she actually found the blog and offered to be my doula as she completes her training. I hadn't decided if I really wanted a doula but I thought it was awesome that she contacted me. We continued to chat and she asked how I was doing emotionally and I told her about my issue with the doctor, she promptly gave me a referral. I contacted the doctor and explained my situation. They told me they would be thrilled to continue my care and only performed csections when medically necessary which I totally agree with. The doctor and his colleague are on the same page, both will not allow me to elect a csection or give me a csection without a medical need.

I met with the doctor yesterday and the environment was warm and less like a cattle call. I even made a friend. I had been praying constantly before my appointment that God would just provide. I am now confident that I have the medical team I need to get the twins here in the safest and not just convenient manner. My new doctor is definitely knowledgeable where twins are concerned and continues to refresh his education by reading studies and communicating with doctors in other states. I really liked that about him. God has really been guiding me through and putting me in touch with the right people so I could get where he wants me to be.

Best news from yesterday's appointment is that the babies are thriving, my uterus is currently measuring 33 weeks pregnant and I passed my test for gestational diabetes.

How far along? 26 weeks today.
Babies are the size of:  An Eggplant.
Total weight gain: I've requested not to know. I'm eating healthy and believing my body will gain what it needs to feed our babies. New doctor made no comments about my weight. Love him even more!
Maternity clothes?  Yes.
Stretch marks?  None.
Sleep: An hour or two between trips to the loo!  

Exercise: What's that?
Miss Anything:  A full nights sleep.   

Movement: Yes, constant baby judo and tidal waves. 
Food cravings: strawberries and pizza! Don't judge me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week.
Belly Button In or Out: In but definitely flattening.
Rings On or Off: On.
Labor Signs: Pesky Braxton Hicks have started.
Happy or Moody most of the time: That depends on if I'm hot, hungry or sleepy.
Looking forward to: My 28 week appointment, we'll see the babies in 3/4D!


  1. God sure works in mysterious ways. So glad that doula contacted you and put you in touch with a doctor. The extra support of a doula is priceless, and something I think you'll be very happy you did too.

  2. Wow! My mouth was dropping and in wonder of how God has provided. He is so good! And you just jogged my memory of a doula that I was recommended to call. They sound like a great support alongside your husband. How exciting that you get to see your babies in 3/4D! That will be so much fun!

  3. Wow - I can not believe these doctors who say no to a natural birth? How dare they - seriously - so glad you have this new doula now - she sounds like a blessing. So glad you passed your test and your appt went well!!!! Can't wait to hear/see how the 3/4D appt goes!!!

  4. It's always so shocking to me how some doctors are, although I shouldn't be really! I am so glad you found someone knew and that you love. It is so important to have that trust with that person:)

  5. So glad you've found a doctor who is listening to you! I am praying all goes well with your delivery . . . Many weeks from now. And hope you enjoy your 3/4 d scan!

  6. baby judo :) That made me smile :)
    I'm so glad you made the call to go to a different doc... so many people just stay 'just because'...
    I cant wait for you to have your 3D ultrasound!!!!

  7. So glad you found a new doctor! Praying for those sweet babies and for you!! So excited for your family and love following along!

  8. God is awesome like that! Glad to hear of your good news.

  9. How frustrating that you had to go through all that--but God provided!! Loving to hear your updates while we are on similar journeys. :)


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