25 Weeks: What I've Learn About Pregnancy

10 September 2014

Here are a few things that I have been surprised to learn while pregnant:

Not all symptoms happen to you. I didn't have sore breast, nausea, or vomiting . While that can be awesome for some people, when you've dealt with infertility an absence of symptoms can be slightly scary.

You can break a pregnancy test if you give it too much pee. Pee in a cup or limit the peeing to 5 seconds. Your test doesn't need all you've got to give.

Sometimes you won't feel pregnant. Especially if you lack the symptoms above. I've only just begun feeling pregnant all the time but I still have a few days where I get out of bed and feel normal - with a bump.

Your breast are pregnant too. They will experience various changes I rather not mention. Just know that blue veins are just the beginning.

You could be out of breath long before you ever show. Shortness of breath and heart palpitations were one of my first signs of pregnancy. It was kind of scary I thought my body was breaking down because it was trying so hard to get pregnant.

I've always thought cravings were an excuse to indulge in bad foods. I've quickly learned that everything including your taste buds change when pregnant, some food is better than none at all. 

That "pregnant glow" is accomplished by a combination of day and night time sweating.

The unwanted advice starts rolling in the minute you pee on the stick. Sift through it or tune it out - do your research but don't let anyone make decisions for you.

Your spouse may or may not experience his own symptoms. You may find it cute or annoying but if he needs more attention show him some grace.

Seeing a nutritionist during pregnancy is helpful especially if you have morning sickness or experience food aversions. It can also be helpful if you are trying to continue a vegan diet or carrying multiples.

People are fascinated by pregnant women. If you get asked dumb questions just try to laugh it off most people are genuinely interested, even men.

Leg cramps are terrifying. Point your toes up towards your knee instead of down when stretching in bed. Also calcium and magnesium comes in handy to help avoid them.

You may have graduated in the top 5% of your class but pregnancy brain can humble you - I promise!

Pregnancy after infertility is just a milestone. Your worry doesn't end there you will have new concerns for your child for 18+ years. So if you're curious, no it never gets easier!

Say goodbye to wine, warm prune juice is now your night cap.

Orgasms are possible in your sleep. Yeah I know this is TMI but before you think you're some type of weirdo know it happens to good Christian folk like me! Lol! They joys of pregnancy.

You'll try your best to be attractive and super graceful. However you should know that a lot happens during pregnancy where "air" is concerned. 

Baby kicks are awesome but the minute they stop kicking you have a whole other reason to panic.

Babies start barging in on your sex life long before they are born. Little kicks may happen at inappropriate times. You can either let them stop the show or put the little munchkin to sleep, if you get my drift.

Ive still got 15 more weeks left of this pregnancy and much more to learn. I thought sharing some of this would be fun and informative for those of you who are in the early days of expecting or still waiting on your miracle. 

How far along? 25 weeks today.

Babies are the size of:  A Cauliflower both babies are weighing in like a singleton. Punchkin is 1lb 8oz and Munchkin is 1lb 12oz. 

Total weight gain: I've requested not to know. I'm eating healthy and believing my body will gain what it needs to feed our babies.

Maternity clothes?  Yes.

Stretch marks?  None.

Sleep: An hour or two between trips to the loo!
Exercise: What's that?

Miss Anything:  A full nights sleep.
Movement: Yes, constant baby judo and tidal waves. 

Food cravings: strawberries and waffles! Not together.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not this week.

Belly Button In or Out: In but definitely flattening.

Rings On or Off: On.

Labor Signs: Pesky Braxton Hicks have started.

Happy or Moody most of the time: That depends on if I'm hot, hungry or sleepy.

Looking forward to: Meeting with a doula. Eek!


  1. Everything is so true! I didn't deal with the infertility that you did, but it took us a year to get pregnant and I'm constantly worrying that something bad will happen. I know that won't go away once the baby is born though! And the pregnancy brain, I'm forgetting words for the simplest things, my mind just goes blank. It's so weird!

  2. I have so much to learn friend!! haha, your sleep comment cracked me up! This is very helpful to know!! Your breasts are pregnant too - good point ;) So excited for your doula comment, please fill us in with how that appt goes! Are y'all doing a birthing center or hospital (sorry if you told me, too many pregnancies to keep up with haha)

  3. Haha! The Pregnant Glow description. And that unwanted advice? I think it starts the minute you get married. It did for us at least.

  4. Oh I just laughed! I resonate with so much you have learned! I'm glad I'm not alone :) I remember in the early weeks of pregnancy, I think my husband needed more attention...when I would complain about an ache or something, instead of getting the sympathy that I wanted, in the way I wanted, he would talk about his own aches and pains. It's all good, I have a great husband! Great post!

  5. LOL, love it! I didn't have sore breasts or vomiting either. The nausea dissipated after the first trimester too. I know the feeling though of wondering if you really are pregnant (even though multiple visits to the doctor and ultrasounds confirm that you in fact are).

    I hate to break it to you, but the constant sweating may follow you if you choose to breastfeed as well. Silly hormones... :P

  6. Loved this lighthearted and honest post. Thanks for giving us the scoop!! xox

  7. The lack of symptoms is definitely scary, or waking up and just not feeling pregnant on any given day. The further you get, the less of those days you'll have though. Glad to see you're having fun with it...esp in your sleep. lol

  8. Haha. This made me giggle time and time again! :-)

  9. So many of these are true for me too! Especially the cravings part... when nothing in the world sounds good, sometimes eating a donut is better than nothing at all. You win some, you lose some. :)

  10. Haha the body changes I am definitely experiencing. I am 18 weeks with twins and everything has gotten bigger in the matter of weeks. Shortness of breath, check. I get side aches when walking my dog, but nothing when I do the elliptical at the gym. So weird.

    And the leg cramps, oh boy those hurt and take forever to go away. And when they do you feel like you strained a muscle.

    I love being pregnant with twins, but it is tough on the body. Thanks for sharing this because I am right there with you.


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