Sharing Our Story

06 June 2014

Hey loves. I am sharing our infertility journey over on the Wifessionals blog today. This is a perfect time to catch up and see how far God has brought us. If you are struggling to conceive I encourage you to read it, I reread it for the first time since writing it and it brought me to tears to see God's faithfulness. 

Borrowed from Wifessionals
This journey was never easy but I can see now that it was always blessed. As always thanks for all your support, prayers and encouragement. xo


  1. Loved your post today!! Even better is the update at the bottom! Thanks for sharing your story Charity!!

  2. Will swing over there even though I've heard of this story I believe but still it helps get things out. You can come share on my blog. the dates are here

  3. Incredible story, thank you so much for your courage in sharing it! Justine


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