Wait Training

31 March 2014

As I type this post in I'm standing in line waiting. I feel like I spend most of my life waiting for something. 

Waiting to cross the street.

Waiting in line for whatever.

Waiting for cars, planes, and trains.

Waiting for dinner to be ready.

Waiting for my husband to come.

Waiting on God's direction.

Waiting to see the doctor.

Waiting to hear I'm pregnant.

Waiting to meet my baby.

Waiting to know my life's purpose.

Just waiting, waiting, waiting.

I'll be honest I never enjoy waiting, it's always been like torture for me. I haven't always been graceful about waiting either. Sometimes I could be a whiny brat, other times I could be downright rude and annoying. I feel like I spend more time waiting then anyone else because I'm much more impatient.

I have no doubt that God is working on me in the area of patience but I'm not exactly sure what he's building me up for. I am hopeful that some small part of my patience has been tried and tested for the journey that I would have to endure to get to motherhood and then another portion of that was for the actual journey of parenthood. But the rest of this wait training I can't quite wrap my brain around. I hold onto hope that God has something really really big in store for my life that's going to require a whole heap of patience.

I would be lying if I said my wait training hasn't been productive, I know it has been. God has taught me a lot about myself and who he wants me to be while I'm waiting. I've learned to be more accepting when things don't go my way. In waiting I have grown stronger in my faith and closer to God. I've learned to wait on God and to stay productive while I wait - but even with knowing all that still I don't like waiting. The bible tells us that waiting is good for us. In the book of Isaiah it says those who wait on the Lord will have renewed strength and won't grow weary. I still don't like waiting but that part is true.

If you know our story, you know that my husband and I have spent much of our marriage waiting for God to bring us a sweet baby. In the beginning of this period of waiting it was hard. I cried a lot, yelled a lot, and wanted to give up a lot. As the years went by and fertility treatments failed I became stronger, I was still waiting but I was stronger than the month before it. Now we are approaching 7 plus years on this journey and surprisingly we haven't grown weary. As we began this IVF process somehow we felt revived and excited. I am the happiest I have been in my whole life, my whole marriage, and the happiest I've ever been while waiting. I have experienced so much joy because I can feel God holding my hand and walking me through the most challenging moments along the way.

Waiting stinks but the promises of a great reward far outweigh the torment of waiting. I suppose this is only the beginning of a life of waiting. Especially once we add babies to the mix. I'll be waiting for them to be born, waiting for them to walk and talk, waiting for them to start school and to finish school, waiting for them to move out, start their lives, find love and give me grandchildren. Sounds like I have a lot more waiting ahead - I guess I better start liking it.

What I do like about waiting is knowing that I am in line with God's timing and that his supernatural blessings and power will flow over and into every crevice of my life. 

Your Turn: What are you waiting for? Are you the Saint of patience or are you impatient like me?


  1. I am right there with ya girl.. It's hard for me to remember that life is not on my on timing, once I get an idea in my head I get super impatient waiting for it to happen. I will be praying for God to give you a sense of peace and purpose and that trusting in his timing will get easier for you. :)

  2. Waiting is the worst! I'm always glad for it in the end, but it's terrible in the middle. Praying peace and patience for you!

  3. I am not the best with patience. I know I inherited that from my dad, but its definitely something I feel I'm growing out of as I get older. I feel like when I was younger I couldn't wait for things to happen and would get angry if something didn't happen straight away.
    Where has now, having grown up a bit, its different. I think my perspective of waiting has changed. Think it has a lot to do with being older you can 'make' things happen instead of being younger and having to wait for them to happen. That comes with lifestyle and finances I think for me though.
    Still always a battle but one that is nice to be able to pray on and give to God. There is no better person to help you remain patient that's for sure.

    And you are CUTE - wait training hehe

  4. Yes, I agree that waiting is hard. Especially when you wait a long time. Especially when you're not sure if you will receive what you're waiting for or if you will receive it any time soon. Especially when you see others receiving what you're still waiting for. But yet we are commanded to wait patiently. I think waiting and faith go hand in hand. Holding on because you know God is true to His word and you believe in Him and trust His judgment. Those things are made manifest during the time that you wait. I guess that's why God tells us to keep our eyes on Jesus because otherwise we'll get fainthearted and give up. So to answer your question, nope. I don't have it all together. Lord help us all. :-)

  5. You're so strong to focus on your blessings over the past 7 years. You're going to be a waiting expert soon...;) hey charity...can u please email me your address? I'd like to send you something while you wait.

  6. What a beautiful post. Waiting is one of the hardest things for me. I think waiting for healing or miracles are the hardest, and knowing that some won't be healed until they get to heaven is tough to swallow. God's timeline is the perfect one, but it is definitely an area where I struggle!


  7. I definitely fall into the impatient category, although I think I am getting better at waiting with age. I love what you said about being productive while you wait...that is so important!!

  8. I am also impatient. I don't like waiting! So trust me I get it! I always try to remind myself that God's timing is perfect.


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