Marching In

03 March 2014

Wow we are three months into the new year. I can hardly believe it but I welcome the change in season so come on in Spring. I am excited for all the wonderful things the month of March brings - but I also wanted to start setting some goals for this month because I have let so many things slip through the cracks.

So for the month of March my goals are: 

Start a new book. In addition to my devotional readings I would like to finally start digging into my for pleasure list. I recently swapped books with a friend and I am super excited to start reading it.

Set cut, copy, paste short cuts on new computer. I recently got a new computer and I haven't been up to setting it up completely. I need to fix the keyboard controls so that blogging doesn't take me 2 hours.

Have lunch with friends. I want to nurture a few of my friendship and plan to have a few dates with friends this month. Excited for day dates and pot lucks. 

Explore. I am believing for warmer weather and when that happens I want to get out more and explore the city. I'd like to find more vegan and ethnic food restaurants. 

Send Snail Mail: Lately I have been pretty good about sending snail mail to my friends but I want to dedicate some time to write to my family members. I don't call them all often because we are on totally different schedules but I know a sweet note would make their day.

Bake. It's been a while and I need to get reacquainted with my mixer and baking gear again.

Give myself grace. I have a lot of things that I would like to accomplish but if I don't I need to give myself grace. I am going through a very critical time in my life and I have been so worried about not keeping up with people, places or things like I used to. I am realizing that those things can wait, this journey requires my full attention and sadly all my energy.

Your Turn: March is here do you have any goals for this month?


  1. Great list! Mine would be take down my Christmas tree. You know your life has been a wreck the last few months when your Christmas tree is still up and decorated in March. ;)

  2. These are some great goals! I need to get out of the house. I am so tired of winter. If it ever warms up I would like to explore too! And I want to spend time with the savior every day. And work out.

  3. great list!!! I love the giving grace to yourself!!!! So important since we as girls are always so hard on ourselves! xoxo

  4. Love monthly goals! I really love the last one of course. That's the hardest part of setting goals for me, is. being okay with not accomplishing them. I hope you have a splendid month!

  5. I need to get better at this. I never make monthly goals. I know that I have things that I want to work on, but I never write them down and stick to them. I need to start doing this because not only will it keep my organized, it will keep my sane. Your goals are great!! You are my inspiration.

  6. There's a way to set copy & paste shortcuts?! That's amazing & I'm surprised I've never heard of it before! Does it work on Macs?

    xo, B

  7. I would really love to make time to read! I have 2 books I would love to get into.

  8. I'd love to read a good novel. To get lost in it. That, and stay on top of laundry....

  9. These are absolutely fabulous goals!!! :-)

  10. great list of goals.
    i'd like to read more too.
    i'm trying to finish a book i started back in october i believe. don't worry i've read others since then.
    i have a stack of books growing by the week. i'm trying not to contribute to my "to read" pile until i've exhausted it.
    i hope all is well!


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