Winter Woes

21 February 2014

I've have said many times before that winter is my favorite season. After a long an brutal winter and more snow than I have ever seen in my life I think I need to reevaluate that statement. I was talking with some random people on the subway about how we escaped the snow last winter. Then I said as much as we complain God sure does make it beautiful - he knows exactly what the earth needs to keep going. Everyone simultaneously agreed saying giving different reasons why they thought God gave us snow. I admit that blankets of snow covering the buildings and trees is a sight to behold.

At this point I am trying my best to enjoy this last month of Winter. I am trying my best not to complain. I just want to get out and enjoy life again without Jack Frost. Below is my imagine of magically beautiful icicles. God is a master creator there is no doubt that nature boast this every time I walk out of my door.

Your Turn: How is the winter treating you? Are you excited for spring?

This Friday I am linking up with my beautiful friend Aimee from Dear Harper Blog to bring you Find Beauty Friday. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life, capture it, and share it with others. Share your beauty by linking up below.

Dear Harper


  1. Dude. Talking to random people about God on the subway?! That's awesome! We had a few days of teaser Spring weather, and it was AWESOME!

  2. this winter has been SO BRUTAL for me. so so brutal. too much snow and cold and ice. i'm just ready for being outside.

  3. I have always said how much I dislike winter and that statement still holds true ;) I really don't understand it, haha!!! SO ready for 105 degrees!!

  4. Gorgeous photo! I love how you capture unique angles! I am over this winter, and all future winters! I think if it wouldn't be so bad this year that I wouldn't have complained. But it's just been so cold for so longgggg. I'm extremely ready for Spring! I'm even researching what type plants/flowers that I want to grow on my balcony!

  5. Winter is making a strong statement so you will notice the next season. Spring is your time. "Out of darkness babies are born."


  6. I am very ready for spring! I am trying not to complain and to recognize the beauty of all seasons .... but am ready. :)

  7. Wow! That is beautiful... but you're right. I'm over winter too.

  8. I am totally ready to be able to take a stroll around the neighborhood without having to bundle up like Randy from A Christmas Story! lol!

  9. I am glad someone enjoy freezing their arse off, because I'm with Caroline...not for me! At least you get cool things to look at like icecicles and snow on the ground. We just get a bunch of cold wind and dead foliage to look at. Ha! Luckily, it's back to 75 and sunny here this week though. We shall see how long it lasts. So ready for spring!


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