Thank You Santa!

12 February 2014

It's February, and we've almost forgotten about Santa to move on to Cupid. But I am still really enjoying my Christmas gifts. I only got a few gifts this year and I am okay with that as I was thrilled to make Jesus the focus of this season. However a few gifts made their way into my home for Christmas and I am totally not complaining.

got the iPad that I had been mulling over for months. 

And to top it off I got two vegan cookbooks. 

When it comes to gifts I am a pretty practical girl. I really like tangible items - homemade or store bought is fine as long as they were purchased with me in mind. I think I am pretty easy to shop for too, I drop tons of hints. For example before my birthday last year I was dropping hints to my parents and my husband about what I wanted. I had a blender, mixer, and new shoes on the brain. I'd talked about the items and sought opinions from them too. So when my birthday came I was thrilled to know that they had decided to get me those gifts. Way to be subtle without being pushy! Ha!
For Christmas I didn't drop any hints. My husband must have stalked my Instagram or talked to my mom to see what I wanted.

These are awesome gifts and I am so surprised that he thought to get them. But he's really blessed because I am an easy to shop for. On the other hand my husband is totally hard to shop for, he never knows what he wants and always says he doesn't want anything. So when gift giving holidays come around I get totally stumped on what to get him.

We have never been big about exchanging gifts for Valentine's day - we give gifts at random. Last year for Valentine's Day we were in two different states so I sent him a box of his favorite treats. This year I hadn't decided on getting him anything because we've had so much going on. Then last week things lined up for me to get him a little device he'd been talking about for a while.

Since I am such a practical person I find it hard to shop for a technology nerd like my husband. I know that I am not alone in finding difficulty in shopping for others. Here are a few tips that I find useful when it comes to shopping for that person in your life that never knows that they want.

  • Listen up. Your person may mention things earlier in the year, write these things down. If they are feasible refer to your list each time you need to get him/her a gift.

  • Check their Amazon shopping cart, you'll have to be super stealthy for this one.

  • Take them with you to shop. Let them browse and pick things they like and then purchase them on the spot.

  • Ask close friends or family members for gift ideas. Somebody is bound to know what they want.

  • Don't exchange gifts, take a class or go on an adventure together - save yourself the headache.

  • If all else fails make their favorite meal. This works with my hubby 9 times out of 10.

Your Turn: Are you easy to shop for? Do you have any tips for shopping for the loves in your life? Do you and your Valentine exchange gifts? What are your plans for Valentine's day?


  1. These are awesome gift giving tips!!!

  2. I love these ideas! And, what fun gifts!!!!

  3. Oooh, gluten free AND vegan comfort food. Talk about some healthy stuff!

    To answer your ?'s...No, I'm not easy to shop for. I feel bad, but I return at least 1/2 of stuff hubby buys for me. It's so bad! We'll make it easy on each other this year since hubby just lost his job. Got him a card and some Reese's PB cups. All we need is each other and that's good enough!

  4. I am the exact same way when it comes to gifts! I think gifts should always be bought with the person in mind.


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