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15 January 2014

Sometimes life can be really amazing! Things can go so well for months on end. Everything can seem so perfect and then swoosh - it's is turned upside down. I've been having a really hard few months and many times I found it hard to stay joyful. I've been plagued with a series of unfortunate events. Nothing life threatening but definitely a few things that made me say why me? Well I know why me, these events are things that specifically challenge me as a person and help me grow into who God is wanting me to be. I know this because most of my unfortunate events occurred in areas where I have prayed for growth.

Does that make it any easier? No, not really but it does keep me hopeful.

Even while facing hard days with hard decisions I can find joy and blessings in my life. I try my hard not to focus on the bad because it's easy for me to get lost in it. 

With this in mind I try my best to write things that incite joy, hope, and faith. That's not because everything is perfect in my life - but because I have the tendency to dwell on the negative, and thats not what this space is about.A friend of mine mentioned something to me a few weeks about people not being authentic and only sharing the best parts of their life. Her comment made me wonder if I am being transparent enough with you all. I believe I am, but I wanted to say as a reminder that all that glitters isn't gold. We all read blogs out there from women who seem to have perfect lives. Some ladies seem to be Betty Crockers, Coco Chanels, Mother Teresas, Martha Stewarts, or Anne Geddes but I assure you that we all have different things we are facing in our lives - every one has a struggle whether it's on their highlight reel or not. Its not my intention to create a picture perfect life and I am sure its not their intention either but nonetheless sometimes you only get what's on highlight reel.

It's like when you see a movie preview they usually show you the best parts to draw you in. Showing the best parts doesn't mean the bad parts dont exist. I don't think movie previews are made to deceive you but instead to help us see that the good outweighs the bad by far - I believe this is true for our lives as well. The good things I have been experiencing on the day to day - tremendously outweigh the bad, so there is no sense in adding them to my highlight reel every time. I also believe there is no point on dwelling on the negative because it keeps our minds and hearts from expecting the positive.

As I work on incorporating my word for the year it's been clear to me that I will have to say "So What" to unfortunate events and replay my own highlight reel to remind myself of how blessed I truly am. I will still share the not so good events that I feel are helpful to you all. I do believe that many of my negative experiences are not only for my own growth but to aid in he growth of others. It's my goal to be authentic and transparent in all that I share here - while still keeping some intimate things between myself, my husband, and God. 

How comfortable with you when it comes to sharing the negative experiences in you life? Are you an open book or do you keep bad experiences close to your heart?


  1. Even when I share something negative I try to work through how I am feeling and what is going on to reach the positive. If we all always shared the negative the blogosphere would be so awfully depressing.

  2. I have a hard time sharing (ANYTHING) really. I'm really introverted, so there are only a handful of people that I get all excited with. And there's really only one person who I let into the bad stuff, The Hubs. He's the only one that knows how to tear down the walls I've built around my heart in a weird form of self-protection. And I've kind of always told myself that as long as I don't SPEAK the bad stuff, it's not as bad?? Yep, another weird form of self-protection. I'm a big internal processor, so I usually need to figure out how I feel about something before I share it with someone else. The funny thing is I LOVE it when people come to me and share good and bad with me! I love listening!

  3. Beautiful post, my friend! It's hard to share the rough spots of our lives, and admit to others what's going on. But, I think we all should be authentic!!

  4. I've always kind of believed that you can't truly connect with anyone if you don't also share your weaknesses. We are all human, and sharing the ups and downs is what makes life experiences more meaningful.

  5. I love this girl! There are some days where I just want to rant, rave, and complain but then I remember that the word "complain" means to "remain". While I do sometimes share my struggles, I also share what I learned from them to possibly help someone else in the same situation. I feel your blog does the same for me :) xoxoxo

  6. I totally believe we should share our trials and weaknesses, for prayer, for encouragement, etc. But, I agree, we shouldn't be negative Nancy, complaining left and right about everything!! That is definitely not what the Lord intends!

  7. Your space is always such a breath of fresh air. I love this post because I can totally relate. We definitely grow through circumstances that test our gratefulness in the mundane of life. Thanks for sharing your passion and heart :)

  8. Beautiful post, friend. As I've matured I've learned that it feels better for me to only share the hard stuff with a select few. That is not to say that I try to make my life appear perfectly happy, but I do choose to post uplifting things to encourage myself and others. I like reading the "realness" of other women, but lately I prefer to keep my own hard stuff closer to my heart.

  9. First, I have been reading this great book by Joseph Prince, The Power of Right Believing. About half way through he talks about the power of Memory Movies. These little movies are what fill our brains and then direct some of our emotions. It's something that I have clung to because for SO long, FAR too long, I was playing over and over in my head the not so great Memory Movies. I've been learning to re-train my brain and pick different, better movies to replay in my head. Especially when days are tough. Cause sometimes, life is just hard.

    How comfortable are you when it comes to sharing the negative experiences in you life...As for me, I am getting more and more comfortable. I actually just tackled this topic on my blog yesterday. Check it and see where I stand :)

    Are you an open book or do you keep bad experiences close to your heart..... I tend to keep some special moments and experiences to myself, but the power of the Lord is one to be shared! Love you girl, and I want to encourage you in the new road the Lord seems to have you on! How exciting. I am praying for you and this season you are in!! XOX

  10. I believe that any reasonable adult knows that no one has a "perfect life." All marriages, parental relationships, careers, etc have flaws. I don't believe that intentionally omitting your struggles is necessarily dishonest. It is only dishonest when you are attempting to paint a rosier picture than what is really there. You post lots of positive things because there are lots of beautiful positive things occurring in your life! If you are struggling and need support/ prayer then let us know. You know what I admire in people? Discernment. The ability to discern what is relevant. I don't car about the traffic jam you're in or the long line at Starbucks. I care about what makes your heart ache. I too have been passively-aggressively accused of creating a perfect persona on Facebook. The last place I want to talk about my problems is somewhere I am already being judged.

  11. Well said Charity. It's something I am definitely aware of and you see it a lot through facebook I feel where people do tend to post the happy/great things going on in their lives - but thats okay with me because I love that. I agree and if you focus on the negative you will get negative results. They are always going to happen but the good far out weight the bad! So why dwell. The bad times are there to remind us how GOOD things can be and that good always trumps bad :)

  12. When you first began this post, I kept saying to myself, Charity is speaking to me. :-)

    About how much of what I share on my blog, I'll say that I do share the bad things (or dare I say the struggles of life) here or there, but it's usually woven into the post somehow. I rarely have a post that just focuses on that. If I'm missing from my blog for too long, I kinda feel I owe some type of "explanation" of sorts, and that's when I might say a little of what's going on. I think carefully about what I choose to share, especially when it is something painful, but at some time I have to get it out and blogging does that for me; even if no one comments on that post.

    I like it when the bloggers I follow tell a little of their life struggle because it helps me put things in perspective (i.e. clearly I'm not the only one struggling with this or that), but also it helps me to bond even more so with that person. Even if I don't post it on their blog, I tend to send them an email.

    Just so you know, I enjoy reading your blog. :-)

  13. I share some struggles of life on my blog, more out of a necessity for me to accept it and move on. I think it also offers that transparency and authenticity that I am real and have issues. I have also found value in the support that it can provide when people say, "I have been there and can relate." All that aside, mostly my posts are positive, and when I do share the struggles I try to infuse a positive spin on the situation. I am careful about what I share and there are some struggles that I view off limits completely or will only vaguely mention. I think it is all personal preference on what works for you and your intent.


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