Running Away

03 January 2014

Presentation1I’m Caroline and I blog over at In Due Time, which I started back in April of 2012. In 2011 my life changed for the better when I got married to my sweet husband, Colby. Besides working as a financial analyst, I enjoy spending time with Colby, friends, watching football, and attending various small groups and bible studies. I'm a health nut, who enjoys working out and takes every chance I can get to travel with my husband. I have a passion for those who are going through trials, especially those who feel like they are waiting on God to answer their prayers. I was overjoyed when Charity asked me to post and hope you find it encouraging to read. Thanks Charity for the opportunity to share about how to stay motivated during tough times.Blog Facebook Instagram Pinterest Bloglovin 

I feel like when we are in the middle of a trial we have two options: run away from the Lord or seek the Lord. When facing difficult circumstances you can blame and get mad at him or seek and deepen your relationship with Him, which will help you recognize how sweet and faithful He is.

As Colby and I have been in a trial for almost 2 years we have sought the latter. Let me tell you, I wouldn't change anything for the world. Because of this trial we have grown so much closer to each other and to the Lord. I now understand His true sovereignty, His sweetness, His faithfulness, and His never ending, outpouring love for us. I understand that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever and I completely recognize that He is the great physician who still performs miracles every day.

The journey to having children often reminds me of Abraham and Sarah. I know that when we press into the Lord and seek Him, then He will bless us with a child of promise, just like Isaac was. If we choose our own ways and will and reject intimacy with the Lord, then we will end up with a Ishmael. The answer seems obvious, right? We are choosing to trust Him for we know He will bless us with a child of promise, just like Isaac.

So how can we strive during tough times? I love James 4:7-8 which says, Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. 

Submit yourself to God - This means completely yielding to Him; both His authority and will. It's having a selfless, willing attitude. When we surrender to Him, we start to receive the benefits of His reign.

Resist the devil and he will flee - Don't allow satan to tempt and tease you. Stand against his deceptions. This verse promises us that he must flee when we resist him. The Lord has already defeated satan, so we need to start acting like it!

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you - God promises us and invites us to draw near to Him and when we do, He will draw near to us. Don't submit to His authority, resist the devil and then forget to draw near to God. This is such a joyful promise!

Draw near to God and He will draw near (1)

What are some practical ways to draw near to Him? Read His word! If you aren't sure what His will is, it's His word! Spend time in it. Read some Christian books. Try doing a devotional. Spend time in prayer. Get involved in a church. Find an encouraging community. Find accountability. All of these ideas are going to bring you closer to the Lord and just as this verse promises, when we draw closer to Him, we will feel the closeness of Him draw nearer to us.

I love what Matthew 5:16 says, Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. When we are satisfied, as this verse says, we are filled, but left with a longing for more. The more we hunger for Him, the more we get from Him and the more we get from Him, the more we want from Him.

Often times, if you feel like you are far from God, the distance between you and Him isn't ever because He has moved, but instead because you have. So, it's a choice - Will you choose to draw near to him in the midst of difficult circumstances or will you choose to go about your own will and see where life takes you? I challenge you to choose the first!


  1. amen girl!! The only way to get through life's trials is to cling and attach yourself to the Lord. Trying to get through it in your own strength, in your own way, will leave you tired, worn out, aggravated, restless, and in turmoil. Love ya twiny!!

  2. Love this Caroline!! You are always uplifting us all! Praying for you and Colby always! xo

  3. Love your practical ways to draw near to God. Just taking a few minutes a day to focus on a personal relationship with Him can be life changing. :)

  4. I love your way of putting things into perspective. There's never a doubt ur post speak a hundred words.

  5. So true and meaningful, my dear friend! Sometimes, it is so easy to blame God when the hard times hit. But, that is exactly what the enemy wants. If we yield to that, we are resisting God & creating a distance between our hearts and Him, and we are doing the opposite of what His Word says by drawing nearer to satan and his way of thinking. Thank you for this sweet, gentle reminder. I so enjoyed reading your words! Hugs and blessings to you, Cheryl

  6. So glad to see Caroline featured here. She always points me back to Jesus!

  7. Love to see you over here, Caroline! Love you and Charity both. XOXO

  8. I may be referring back to this post. I want to follow your advice! Following this definitely will make a difference in whatever may come our way. As always, thank you!


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