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08 January 2014

For the last few weeks I have been doing a little soul searching - or maybe I will call it soul digging. In October my small group began a study called Gideon. Three weeks into the study the author asked the readers to write their name in a circle and then in the outer shell of the circle to write your closest areas of influence. These areas of influence are the people closest to you that you could share God with. When I looked at the circle it resembled a dart board. There was a center and then several rings going around that center. So I wrote Charity in the center circle and then I gulped as I thought about who else I could influence outside of myself beginning with the closest people to me. I scribbled in FAMILY.

For some reason my biggest fear in sharing the gospel begins with the people I love the most. They know the most about me, they know my past, they know which buttons to press, they know my quirks, and before my heart became more about Christ I'd say they knew my heart. With all that said having people know so much about me became a little frightening as I began to change into the person God created me to be. I was afraid to tell them about the gospel in fear that they would reject me, think I was a hypocrite, or too big for the little people who raised and loved me. As I studied Gideon and prayed to GOD for strength to follow his commands I realized sharing the gospel was not about me. The Gospel was and will always be about Christ.

So in my hiatus from the blog I was determined to do what God has been telling me to do for so long. I spent weeks covering my family in God's holy word. We prayed, read scriptures, shared our hearts and it was an awesome time of renewal - not only for them but for me too. They received God's words, and I pray that it will be tucked deeply in their hearts. In the scriptures we covered there seemed to be a running theme with God's chosen people. No matter how often God told them that he would accomplish great things with their lives they found it hard to believe. God created Moses, Noah, Abraham, Mary, Elijah, and Paul to do great things in his name. Though their tasks were different they all were called to surrender to God's will.

As I looked back over 2013 I saw both joyful moments and moments of sorrow. In all of the moments I fought hard even when God was working them out for me. I fought and worried when it was time to move away from my family, when doctors told me no, when business was slow, when business was overwhelming, when my marriage took work, when my family was in turmoil, when my weight loss was slow, when my circumstances seemed bleak, when I didn't have the answers, and even when I did have the answers.

And guess what? It was pointless.

Not once did I willingly surrender. But why not? God has proven himself trustworthy always! He's always done what was in the best interest of his people the ones before me and the ones living now.

God has a plan and it is going to be accomplished no matter how hard I push or pull. So this year I am saving myself the hassle. I will strive to do and be in his will, but I surrender all areas to him. I am aware that this won't be accomplished in one day and in fact I am prepared to spend the whole year learning how to do just that.

So for this year my one word is SURRENDER. I chose this word to remind me to give all of me to God and to allow his will to be done in my life. To remember that I need his guidance, love and protection in every area. Why is it so hard to rest in the strength of The Lord? Why can't I allow his arms to carry me through life? To fully trust him I have to surrender.

Surrender my thoughts.
Surrender my marriage.
Surrender my worries.
Surrender my fears.
Surrender my hopes.
Surrender my dreams.
Surrender my finances.
Surrender my family.
Surrender my failure.
Surrender my success.
Surrender my truth.
Surrender my shame.
Surrender my time.
Surrender my heart.
Surrender my love.
Surrender my LIFE.

If you'd like to read more about the My One Word movement see more info here. I found out about it in November while listening to KLOVE radio. I am also reading the My One Word book to help me apply my one word all year long.

Your turn: Are you jumping on board with choosing a one word for this year? If so, what is your one word? Are there any areas in your life where you haven't fully surrendered to Christ?

P.S Sorry for the delay in announcing the winners. But here they are. Winners were chosen via rafflecopter. Please contact me within 24hrs with your address. Prizes will be mailed out within 2 weeks.

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  1. I love the word surrender! It means so very much~ and I absolutely love that photo!!

  2. This is seriously one of my favorite posts from you ever! This really moved me. Just seeing that word SURRENDER in all caps just makes me want to take a deep sigh of relief. You are so right....things are so much easier once we stop fighting and start handing it over to Him. I love this one word movement idea too. I listen to KLOVE 24/7 and I totally missed this! Now, I am all stuck on surrender. I will try not come up with a new one of my own, but man what a great one! Thank you for this message today Charity. :)

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  4. Beautiful. I will have to check out the info on One Word. The idea of having something to keep the word going all year is very appealing to me. So excited about actually winning something!! :)

  5. Love this post! Surrendering is one of the most difficult things for me. I tend to be pretty convinced that my plans are the best, even though God has proved that he knows better over and over. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Great post, Charity! Learning to surrender is such a beautiful Journey. God bought me through a season of Surrender recently, and it has completely changed my life (obviously for the better). It's going to be a bumpy road but 100% worth it! I'll be praying for you as you embark on this One Word Journey. I'll also be praying that it is used for your good, and His Glory. Transformation, refinement, girl... it's gonna be a wild ride! I can't wait to see what the Lord does!

  7. This is so lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I loved this post, Charity. It's so difficult to truly surrender, especially when we are caught up in day-to-day life. But I know you'll have a wonderful year with this word in the forefront of your mind. I love the picture, and thank you so much for coming to our blog :) I can't wait to look around some more! ~Jenna

  9. So glad you are back and it was a fruitful hiatus! Surrender. That is perfect. There is nothing the Lord loves more than us surrendering to him, too sweet!

  10. This is so great Charity! There is so much in this that I too have to do and it is a lot to do with the people that I love most, who know me so well - that are the hard ones. I have no idea why! Time to flip that around this year :D


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