Faithful Friday: I've Been Healed

17 January 2014

I've been healed!

Those were the words that ran through my mind when I ran up a flight of stairs in the subway without wincing in pain.

Let's rewind to May of 2012. I was in an exercise boot camp class and as I was doing step ups I lost my balance but refused to let myself fall. In doing so my leg twisted and I heard a pop, my knee felt strange but oddly enough there was no pain so I kept going. Over the course of a few days I continued to work out on that knee and the pain increased.

Finally my knee had enough and it decided to swell to double it's size and put me excruciating pain. At that time I felt it was necessary to visit the doctor. After an X-ray confirmed my knee was not broken I was told to see a specialist and to get a MRI. Said specialist would not schedule an MRI until my knee was no longer inflamed.

One week later I had an MRI that revealed that my knee was not broken, but I did tear the cartilage called the meniscus. I was given two options.

Option 1: I could have surgery to repair the tear.

Option 2: I could have physical therapy and hope it would heal itself.

I immediately scratched out Option 1. In all my 25 years of life I had never had surgery. I had every single tooth and digit God gave me - I'd never been operated on. I happily chose option two. Before I could get my therapy started I got that call from my husband that he had secured us a new home in the city. In June 2012 my torn meniscus and I took a wheel chair assisted flight into the Big Apple.

Thankfully the weather was similar to Florida during that season but there was a huge question of how I would get around this city while having my knee strapped into a immobilizer. When I was picked up from the airport and taken to our apartment for the first time I was grateful for the elevators that greeted me. And even though the thought of swapping our home for an apartment made me cringe I was grateful that the apartment was only on one level. I didn't have to ouch my way up and down the stairs. I didn't need to bring all my belongings down stairs so I could languish on the sofa. I could get to the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom just by hobbling back and forth.

Once I began my physical therapy I had belief that my knee was on the mend. I wanted to be better so bad that my mind believed that I was better during the therapy and then when I was back home my knee would swell again and the pain would be more intense than ever before. I continued with therapy because I was told it would be uncomfortable but after a few weeks I would feel relief.

Well after a few weeks I was still in pain. I had another MRI and a new pain prescription. The news was in, the stubborn meniscus didn't like the idea of Option 1. It was clearly going to take Option 2 to get the little sucker back on board.

So I began pondering the idea of Option One. Meanwhile my husband and I were getting acclimated to our new church. We joined a small group and heard a testimony of healing. With this man's testimony rolled in Option Three. I've always known that God healed people, I've always known that people went to God for healing, but I never though of it for myself until that moment. It had been nearly a year since I was injured. I tried physical therapy, holistic practices, and even lost weight in hopes that my knee would heal. Losing weight help to lessen the pain but nothing made it go away. I was tired of needing meds and I was tired of wearing that stupid immobilizer. So Option 3 was literally a Godsend.

The man who shared about his healing revealed that he learned about Option Three (supernatural healing) at a healing service at a friends church but he was afraid to go forward. He was having problems with his feet. He had numerous surgeries and therapy and was at his wits end. After watching all the people be healed at the service he wanted healing so badly. He went home and got on his knees and asked God to heal his feet. His feet were not healed that day or the next - so he asked again. He was still not healed - he revealed to us that even while asking for healing he wasn't expecting it. He didn't believe it would happen. Then he came before God and apologized for doubting him and again prayed for healing. When he awoke the next day the pain was gone, it had been a total of one week. He has been healed....he walks fine everyday at church even plays which the kids during flag football. God granted his request. Just like he's done for countless others.

Mark 5:25-34 The Woman With the Issue of Blood
Matthew 8: 1-4 Jesus healed a man with Leprosy
Matthew 8:5-17 Healing a Servant

My church doesn't offer healing service but the minister urged us to bring request for healing to God. To speak with authority over our bodies so they would align with God's word.

I went home that night and pondered on Option 3. I spoke to no one about it but I decided that Option 3 would now be my Option 1. In the morning when I awoke I got down on my knees. Yes I put pressure on the knee that had been giving me trouble for so long. I prayed to my Daddy and asked him to take away my pain. I asked him to heal my knee so that I could be normal again and so I could resume my life as a helpful wife. I asked him to heal me because I was tired and most of all to heal me because the lesson of trust and surrender had been ingrained deeply in my soul. During the time that I was hurt I relied heavily on my husband to care for me. I couldn't call a single soul to take his place because I had no one. I learned a lot before Option 3 was revealed to me. When I got up from my knees the right knee creaked and pain resurfaced. I still had hope that I would be healed. As days went on I continued to lose weight and at every creak and twinge of pain I told my knee it had been healed. I spoke Psalm 30:2 over and over again.

One day as I was coming from a hair appointment I tried to run for the subway train and nearly fell on my face in pain. I didn't make it to the train - instead I got to sit on a bench in pain while waiting what seemed to be the longest 5 minutes for the next train to come. I cried a little. I felt discouraged but still prayed and believe that my knee would be healed. 

I had quit physical therapy but kept an appointment for my pre-surgery MRI. The night before my MRI I shot a wedding for the first time in nearly a year. My knee felt like it was on fire. I went home took pain meds and iced my knee. I prayed for God to take the pain away just so I could sleep. I had my MRI the next day and was told they would call me with results and to discuss a date for surgery. 

The call came and the news was that my tear could not be found. My meniscus looked perfectly fine

I was bewildered. In fact I was speechless.

The nurse said my therapy must have finally worked - unbeknownst to them that I had not seen the therapist since my last MRI which at that point had been months ago. I just absorbed the news and thought back to the night before when I was in tons of pain. How could I have been in pain if my knee was fact why was it hurting me now. The pain in my knee was a dull ache and again I remembered Option 3 and prayed the pain away. Two months ago up some of my records and for that final MRI I had in August and the record said unremarkable. While reading it I bent my knee back and forth. I have done photo work a plethora of times since then. I never needed my immobilizer, stabilizer, pains meds or compresses.

This past weekend I had a déjà Vu moment. I got my hair done and as I was coming up the stairs I heard the train coming. I ran up the stairs and onto the platform - I slid in between the doors just before they closed. I made it on the train and in that moment I knew I had been healed! 

Some might think it was a coincidence but I know that I received true divine healing from the Lord. For me there is no other explanation even the doctors were amazed.

Your Turn: Have you or anyone else you know been healed supernaturally? Is there anything you need God's help to heal?


  1. Love this! What a beautiful testimony to speaking healing over our own bodies!! I am working so hard on that right now!

  2. So awesome! This past summer we found a tick on our oldest boy, and about 10 hours later after three doctors and crazy fevers and body aches and awful symptoms and many tests, they were about to admit him into the hospital with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. YIKES! Talk about freak out. I blasted an email to ask for prayer... and then about 4 hours later while we were waiting on the last test at the hospital before they admitted him (and his symptoms had stopped) the doctors said "Well, it looks like he never had it in the first place." But the first thing that came to my heart was that God had healed him. Crazy awesome. And yeah, people can say that "medicines" and doctors healed him... but we feel like God provides those so that they can have the tools to help us out. But in this case there were no medicines... just complete healing.

  3. Oh I love this testimony!! Thank you so much for sharing. There are a few things I am praying for and expecting full and complete healing on. I have no doubt I will be able to write a post like this one soon! love ya girlie!!

  4. Yes!! On earth as it is in heaven! so thankful for the supernatural power of God!!! I've seen a lot of this at church lately (and you might have on the video you watched when Bill Johnson was here). It happens ALL the time!! Jesus did it in the bible and is still doing it today. Interestingly enough, he supernaturally healed me knee too! Crazy, right?! After 5 years of pain, I am PAIN-FREE! I think it's the a whole body healing he is doing (fertility stuff too). So So so cool!!! Thank you Jesus!!

  5. This is so awesome! I am thanking Jesus right now for your Pain Free, Healed body. I am also standing with Caroline, believing that you are not only healed from your knee, but also any other thing that has plagued your body! Thank you Jesus! My own personal healing came in July 2013. When we found out my very first pergnancy was ectopic(tubal) we chose to do surgery. We chose this for many reasons. In March 2013 I was told that both my tubes were damaged and completely blocked. So First I was never suppose to get pregnant, ever. So we went along with surgery to see if there was anything we could do about unblocking or testing my tubes to make sure they were actually blocked. Then we clear out any Endo, cysts, polyps, etc. (which I have a history of all these things). Upon waking from surgery we found out that Not only did my Dr. not find a single ounce of endo anywhere, but no cysts, no polyps, but my left fallopian tube was in perfect condition and healed. She (my dr.) was amazed. She had no answer. Although it took me a long time to see the mircles in the midst of my loss, I now see that I was healed. And even though I am still praying for healing for my right tube, and healing for my crazy(lack of) hormones and now lack of ovulation, I know that He is a great healer, and tends to our needs in His perfect timing. He is a healer, and I believe He will heal us all. Love you girl, love your heart, love where God is placing you, and where he is taking you in your relationship with Him!! OXO

  6. Wow!!! What an amazing testimony of God's healing power!!!

  7. Beautiful story! I'm so thankful He was able to heal you!!

  8. What an awesome testimony!! Praise God!!

  9. Praise God! I definitely believe in supernatural healing. In terms of healing, I believe God can use any avenue He chooses to heal people and I also believe that He can use none of the avenues and just heal. My parents often reminded me that when I was a baby, there was a fracture in my hip. It wasn't healing and at one point the doctors told my parents that if it wasn't healed by this certain time, then I would have to wear some type of caste that would help the bone heal but it would delay those milestones like being able to crawl or walk at certain times. The evangelist and pastor prayed for me and when I went in for that final appointment, the xrays showed nothing. Healed!

    One of my aunts was diagnosed with breast cancer. Even though she believed God healed her, she still kept the appointments with the surgeons and doctors as confirmation. Throughout the entire time, God was orchestrating things to work out in a certain way. The top surgeon she wanted was booked, but then the woman scheduled got a cold and couldn't have her surgery so there was an opening for my aunt. Even up until the day of surgery, the tests showed the cancer, but believing, she went into surgery and they didn't find anything. Afterwards they ran further tests and there were no signs of it. Healed!

    There are so many stories of healing. I love hearing people's testimonies!

  10. That's amazing! I love it when God reminds us that He's there and is looking out for us!

    I'm glad you're feeling better! :)

  11. What an amazing story! I have a close friend who was healed of narcolepsy. She told me the story last year, but hadn't shared it with the masses because she was nervous what people would think. God asked her to share it in the fall when we attended a women's retreat. It was awesome! God is so good!!

  12. Oh man, I can imagine how hard that was to deal with doing photography and all of that bending. Praise God for the healing and that it's no longer holding you back!


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