20 January 2014

Last year for the first time ever I decided to sit down and make resolutions - instead of calling them New Year's Resolutions I called them my life resolutions. This list was not just things I accomplish that year but instead things I wanted to continue throughout my life. This year while flying to Florida and reading scriptures to chose my one word, I decided that along with my life resolutions I wanted to set some goals. These goals are things that I want to accomplish specifically in this new year.

While I believe my life resolutions are important they are things I will continue to develop over years of practice and dedication. I set goals for this year because I want to see the changes that have taken place to help me get closer to my life resolutions. In May of 2012 I only set one goal and that was to journal to God every single day, so far I have succeeded at writing to him for 611 days. The goal of journaling has helped me to spend more time in God's word and in his presence and I hope that my new goals will push me even closer to him and living a fulfilling life.

WANT: what I really want in 2014 is
-     To travel more.
-     To birth a child and become a mother.
-     To fix up my living/dining room.
-     To continue blogging.

NEED: what I really need in 2014 is
-     To deepen my faith in God - reflect on his promises.
-     To become closer - spend more time studying his word.
-     Continue journaling to God. 
-     Do better at:
     Saving money.
     Unplugging from cellphone and computer to spend time with my husband.
     Finishing DIY projects.
     Reading my collection of books.

SHARE: what I will share in 2014 is
-     Christ.
-     Resources - time and money.
-     Love.

SUCCEED: in 2014 I will succeed at
-     Being more loving.
-     Living fully surrendered to God.

-     Spending more time in his word and ministering to others.

-     Breaking a Bad Habit: Complaining/Worrying
-     Learning a New Skill: Hindi
-     Being more like: JESUS
-     Doing Good Deeds: Serving the community via small group.
-     Visiting a new place: Canada
-     Reading the first book on my list: The Help
-     Writing a Letter: to Baby FixIt
-     Trying a new thing: Thai food

Your Turn: What were some of your goals for 2013? How did you do at keeping them? Did you make any goals for this year? If so what are some of your goals? Is there anything new that you want to try this year?


  1. That's a great set of goals you have there my friend! I've never thought of journaling actually TO God before, I guess I just thought of journaling like I'd speak to a friend, and what grater friend do you have then God? You blew my journaling notions out of the water and it's only 7:19am! :) thank you for sharing this! You are such an inspiration! My word for this year is relax, relax and know that God's got this!

  2. I love your goals girlie!! I sure wish we lived closer, we would have so much fun! I guess for now, we will just stay cyber friends. hehe!! Have a great week!! xoxoxo

  3. Love your goals!! I want to add another one -have a few dates with Kasey <3

  4. You are the goal queen! I would really really like to get some privacy landscaping going in our yard this year. We've been talking about it for literally FIVE years since we moved in, and all we've got is a big fat view of the back of our neighbors' houses. You have inspired me to be more proactive and write it out. WE WILL PLANT TREES this year!

  5. Such awesome goals! Those journals just look amazing, something to cherish forever.


  6. I NOMINATED YOU!!! Check it out by clicking on the link...

  7. I love how you separated the goals...want vs need, etc. That is what I seem to be struggling with lately. Is this a want or a need? I don't have any specific goals written out for 2014. I simply want to live less for myself and more for God.

  8. You have set some pretty awesome goals for yourself! Good luck as you achieve each one throughout the year! You can do it!


  9. These are fabulous goals!!! I can't wait to see how God uses your desires and goals in this next year. And I CAN'T WAIT to meet you in April or May!!! :-)

  10. Great goals and right on for all that journaling!

    I can't believe you haven't tried Thai food!! Sooo yum....if we lived closer I would join you :)

    In 2014 I'd like to try cooking new healthy recipes, especially soups, fish, and salads. You know what my other big goal is.


  11. I love how your broke your list out. Might have to copy that…with my IVF being at the start of Jan…I haven't set any goals yet. The Help is such a good book…you'' love it!

  12. These are great goals! I also find that keeping a journal is the best way to spend more time with God. I love that you broke your goals up into wants and needs. I set a few goals for 2014 as well. I listed them here:
    I also made a list of things I wanted more of and a list of things I wanted less of in 2014. Good luck with your goals this year!

    1. So I have been leaving comments through my wordpress account, and that was obviously causing issues with no reply. So I made a blogger profile to fix that :) Anyway, I hope I have figured this no reply blogger thing out...

    2. These are my goals.


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