Are You A Harry Fanatic?

07 January 2014

Hi! I’m Jessy, I blog over at The Artsy Cajun and am thrilled to be guest posting for my dear friend, Charity! I’m a Cajun girl who is braving my first ever winter in Illinois, all for my Husband! We have one puppy named Ginny. We are also enjoying life outside of the Army (1 year as civilian). We both love to travel, and I love to cook and craft, which is what my blog is all about! Stop by anytime and say hi!

When I linked up here for the Harry Potter Lovers Unite, I had NO idea there were so many ladies who shared the love of Hogwarts! When we toured Europe in February, we traveled by bus about an hour north of London to the WB lot where they filmed most of the Potter movies. It was amazing! As promised, I'm putting up more pictures of this magical studio. This will be the first installment of 2 or 3. I know, I want to show you all of them at one time too, but the posts would be way too long.  I'll shut my trap now and let you enjoy the photos! 

Are any of you all Harry Potter fans? Or is there another book series that you enjoy? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. love harry potter!!! i had no idea you could visit the WB lot! putting that on my bucket list :)

  2. Who isn't a HP fan?! :) Thanks for sharing your pictures, I hope you got the obligatory picture at Platform 9 & 3/4 if you were able to spend some time in London. I make sure and get one every time I go! I also did the London HP tour while I was there in 2010. It wasn't very impressive because nothing looks the same as it did when filming. I'll have to check this tour out next time I'm in the UK.

  3. this is so cool. there is a part of me that is very happy that this place exists....i always knew it was real :D


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