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02 January 2014

Hi, I'm Lauren and I blog over at My Passion Journey about living a life full of passion and all things that excite me about living life to the fullest. One thing that makes me really excited about life is going on adventures and exploring my world through travel. Lauren My Passion Journey To me travel is one of life's greatest pleasures. Even if you never travel very far from home, getting out of your immediate comfort zone is a rich and rewarding experience. You learn about yourself, you learn about the person you are traveling with, and you learn about the world around you. Travel brings about some of life's best moments and favorite memories and all you have to do is be willing to put on an adventurous spirit and wander away from home. Like I said, you don't have have to travel far to satisfy your wanderlust- but if you want to, you can, and I guarantee it will be a great adventure.

Here are three ways that I like to get off the beaten path and explore someplace new:

1. Be a Local Tourist. Don't confine your dining, shopping, and living experiences to just a few mile radius of your own home- get out and explore your city! This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to "travel"- you don't even have to pay for a hotel! Ok, I know what you're thinking, "But my city is so boring! There is nothing to do here!" My question to you is- Are you sure? Are you really, really sure? This summer I was planning a big overseas trip and the website TripAdvisor became my best friend. This website is amazing for planning a little trip- it has reviews, ratings, and photos of hotels, restaurants, and attractions all over the world. But you don't have to go far to use this site- type in your own city in the search bar and see what you've been missing in your own backyard! Even if you still feel like there is nothing to do in your town, you can also use TripAdvisor to view upcoming events that are just coming for a short period of time- like music festivals, performances, concerts, and seasonal attractions. Learning how to appreciate the sites in your own city will help you have a more rewarding travel experience as you venture farther from home. Train yourself to have an adventurous attitude in your own city and just wait and see where your new found inner-explorer will take you next! Downtown (Here's a little pic of my very own city of Phoenix- so much to explore! via)

2. Take a Little Road Trip. I was never much of a road trip person before I moved to Phoenix. I guess our 24 hour drive moving from Missouri to Arizona must have converted me, because now I really do like driving new places! Here are some reasons to consider taking a road trip: You will probably save money on flights, you get to pack whatever you want (no airline weight restrictions!), you can travel and explore at your own pace. The last one is actually a huge bonus for taking road trips. Do you see a sign for something interesting? Well, you can stop and see it! You're in your own car, in charge of your own itinerary so why not!? I remember one time doing a road trip with my best friend. We were in high school and driving back from a youth retreat in a very rural area. We saw a sign that said "Mother Jones Monument 3 miles." Who is Mother Jones? We don't know- let's go find out! We pulled off the road, found the monument and took a picture of ourselves in front of it! It was completely random but completely fun too! Since moving to Arizona, Andrew and I have done a number of road trips together- Southern California, Las Vegas, Sedona and The Grand Canyon! Some of the very best sites we saw, we spotted while driving- I would have been so sad to miss these if we hadn't been traveling by car! sedona (A view of the Red Rocks I snapped while driving through Sedona!)

3. Break Out Those Passports. Now that you are proficient in adventuring and exploring, it's time for my very favorite way to travel: With a Passport! That's right folks, I think that the best trips of my life are the ones that resulted in a passport stamp or two. I could talk for days about international travel, but I'll try to keep it short. Traveling abroad allows you new experiences and teaches you a lot of valuable life lessons. You can learn the locals ways of transit- how to hail a cab in other countries, how to travel by train or subway. You can learn all kinds of things about different cultures and how to deal with a language barrier. You'll learn how to deal with unexpected circumstances and how to stay flexible even when well-planned days go awry. You'll learn to embrace the chaos of an ever changing world and how to open your eyes to a new way of living. I literally could go on and on. I started traveling abroad with a church group during the summers in high school and I have had the privilege and the honor to travel to a lot of cool places including Kosovo and South Africa. This summer Andrew and I took our first overseas trip together and explored Europe for three weeks- just the two of us. (You can read some about it here.) Traveling with Andrew gave me yet another reason to love international adventures: Traveling abroad is an amazing bonding experience for whomever you are with! I already knew this from traveling with friends and family- but traveling with my husband made the experience all the more meaningful. We made fantastic memories together and dreamed new dreams of our future together too. Trevi Fountain

(The Trevi Fountain in Rome. Seeing this up close and in person was worth the 9 hour fight.) So have I convinced you to take a step (or two or three) out of your comfort zone and into the world of exploration and adventure? I hope so! I would love to here about your worldwide explorations too! Do you have a favorite way to travel that I didn't mention? Where will your sense of adventure take you next?


  1. One of my favorite topics ;) So fun to hear your ideas too!

  2. I like your ideas about being adventurous in your own city! I need to do this more :)

  3. I love all these ideas!! I love love love to travel!! Beautiful photos too!


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