A Huge Surprise!

13 January 2014

Happy 2014 my dear friends. I know we are already 13 days into the New Year but this is the first time that I have actually had a chance to think about it. I have missed you all so much. I've missed blogging in this space. I've miss sharing my life. I've missed connecting with you all via comments and emails I've just missed a whole lot!

If you didn't know I stepped away from the blog so that I could prepare for a surprise trip to Florida. My mom had been complaining about how we never missed a Christmas together and how this would be the first time that ever happened. We didn't plan on being able to visit for the Holidays because my husband works a lot and we weren't sure if it would be worth it to make a three day trip. I had been a little sad on Thanksgiving so this trip was a gift to me as well. A few days after Thanksgiving my husband told me he managed to get three weeks off for the holiday and that we were going to Florida. 

So a few days before Christmas we weaseled our way into the Miami International airport. I told my husband on the flight that my Mom would feel it when I landed. He just laughed but sure enough when our flight touched down a little after noon my mom sent me a text. She had no idea that I was there but how ironic that she text me while my plane was taxiing around the runway. Our Goddaughter's father came to pick my husband and I up so that we could surprise my family. After unloading our stuff we headed over to see my Mom.

I made sure to pack keys to their house and gently put my key in the lock. I thought they were downstairs watching TV but apparently they we're cozied up in their bedroom watching a movie. Any how I don't need to narrate just watch this video. It's a little dark and short but you can see the emotion it was an awesome moment. The voice in the background is my older brother - we startled him half to death. My dog Sydni visits with them for the winter because of her asthma.

While I was away from the blog I spent time soaking up the sun in the Sunshine state. I saw my entire family and friends hence the reason for the blog hiatus, I wanted to spend every moment of the two plus weeks being present. Not just physically present but I also wanted to be mentally present. So unfortunately that meant limited emailing, blogging, and social media access. This was totally hard because I wanted to fill all of my friends in on how wonderfully the trip was going. Not to mention my sweet Santa Clause got me a new iPad that I wanted to try out. However I resisted sharing tons of photos and tweets so that I could give my attention to those people who were present with me. I even managed to give my full attention to my in laws and I was totally grateful to God for the time we spent reconnecting. 

Here are a few of the highlights from that trip.

Heading to the Airport.

Back in our Home for the Holidays

Christmas Day

Loving on our Godchildren PJ + Ellie
Girls Day Out

Dinner with the Inlaws

 Knaus Berry Farm, Amish Owned Organic Baked Goods & Produce

And that was all that I got pictures of.

How was your holiday? Did you spend it with the people you love?


  1. Looks so nice a fun! I spent my holiday with my husband, my brother and in-laws. This was my first Christmas without my parents. They are missionaries in Thailand and we decided (because of money :( ) not to travel there during Christmas.

    But Christmas was amazing still! I just love it :)

  2. Charity!! I love the video and your moms reaction and raw emotion! It made me cry. I am so glad you were able to get home for the holiday and I can absolutely feel the love radiating from every single picture!! I love that you took a hiatus to be present with your friends and family- sometimes I wish more people would do that. I'm sure your family appreciated you being there!! Glad you are home- we need to schedule a lunch date again soon <3 xo

  3. Oh my goodness, that video was just beautiful; what a special treat for your Mom!
    Looks like it was a wonderful trip:)

  4. That is awesome! Such a fun surprise! Christmas jammies!! And oh my gosh those kids are cute!

  5. Girl, this is precious! I actually cried watching that video. I am so glad you got to spend the holiday with loved ones!

  6. Love Love Love that video!!! The girls day looks fabulous too! So glad you had such a great time! Glad to have you back :)

  7. Oh Charity this post made my heart happy!! The video was too cute!! So happy you were able to spend that much needed time with your family!! xoxo

  8. This is so sweet! I am so happy you got to spend the holiday with family and in the sunshine state!

  9. Awe, what a nice surprise to your family, and what a huge blessing to have a family where you can just show up and be received like that. I teared up at your video. sniff sniff.

  10. You two are the cutest couple ever! Looks like an awesome vacay. Love your pics.

  11. Awww! That was intense. I'm so glad you all were able to go home and visit for the holidays. So special. :-)

  12. oooo this was so awesome! Thats so cool you got a video. you had me smiling from ear to ear because mothers love this sort of stuff. makes them so happy. love that you did this. so sweet charity!

  13. Looks like such a wonderful trip! I am so happy the surprise worked, I love that you video taped it!! :)

  14. I'm so glad you were able to have such a wonderful trip!!! You were definitely missed here in the blogging world! :-)

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