Train Station Vacation

06 December 2013

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The picture above was taken in a train station in Hoboken, New Jersey where I was stuck for 3 hours after my train back home was delayed. I was slightly irritated but after a moment of gathering my thoughts and feelings in prayer I peopled watched. It was a sweet time to take it all in and just sit quietly with my heavenly Father. He even put it in my spirit to pray on behalf of the homeless man that was sleeping in the station. Everything in our life is either God arranged or God allowed - including delays.


  1. What a great way to make light of a situation that definitely has potential to be annoying. The station itself looks beautiful too!

  2. I love that picture! It speaks volumes!

  3. What a sweet picture!!!! So glad you had sweet time with Jesus while you were there! Love that!

  4. People watching is fun :) I love your attitude about getting stuck!

  5. What a beautiful train station! Of all the places to get stuck, this looks like a fun one.

  6. That train station is gorgeous! I'm glad you had a chance to reconnect with the Lord even in a frustrating situation!

  7. wow what a train station - none of ours here look even close to that beautiful display!
    such a nice moment for you!!!


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