Extending Christmas

22 December 2013

selfportrait4Why hello there, The Word of a Nerd readers! I'm Kiki and you can find me blogging over at In Its Time. I'm super excited to be posting on Charity's blog today because I not only love her heart but I know she has a great community of readers, too. If we've never met before, here's a quick and easy list of things I love (in no particular order): Jennifer Lawrence, singing in the shower, photography, teaching, the color grey, Jesus Christ, and the beautiful PNW where I call home. Over on my little blog you'll find posts about all of these things and more. I can't wait to see you there!
But before you click on over (which I hope you do!), I want to introduce you to this holiday that you have got to start celebrating:
sms1Stocking Day. Are you familiar with this one?

If there's one thing that puts me in a holiday cheer, it's Stocking Day. Most people probably refer to it as Saint Nicholas Day, but when you're a kid, Stocking Day rolls off the tongue a little easier. And if you're a kid at heart, you keep using that name even when you're a twenty-something.

Instead of opening our stockings on Christmas morning, my family and I open ours up on Saint Nicholas Day, which takes place on the 6th of December. It kind of extends Christmas, if you ask me. My mom always loved celebrating a man who was generous and cared for the sick, needy, and young children and now that I'm teaching my own class of kids, I couldn't agree with her more.

So yes, we still celebrate it around here. We don't get the chance to open them up together since we all have different morning schedules and work/school times, but it's still a treat to see them all out on the kitchen table when I first come down stairs in the morning.
sms2Now that us kids are getting older, my mom (aka the stocking stuffer-er) has been asking us what we'd like but I love that she always ends up surprising us with other treats, too. Some years there are iTunes gift cards. Other years there are little toys or ornaments. This last year, my mom completely surprised me with The Help, some gloves to use with my iPod, and some of my favorite Christmas candies.

Stocking Day will always be a tradition in my family. And when/if I have kids, you'd better believe stockings will be filled and ready to open on December 6th each year. And if I don't have kids, then you'd better believe I'm going to show up on my parent's doorstep that morning waiting to open up my stocking.

Just kidding.

Sort of.

So tell me, what are your December family traditions? Do you celebrate St. Nicholas Day or do you open your stockings on Christmas morning?


  1. What a lovely tradition! I love family things like that! My family puts up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve every year and when we wake up the tree would be completey decorated with presents under it! I don't follow that tradition yet- I may when we have kids.

  2. That's awesome! We might need to do this next year! We do stockings with the boys and The Hubs and I open our gifts on Christmas Eve. And when we were little, my sister and I got to open our gifts to each other. I does kind of cut down on the "present overload."

  3. That's such a cool idea! I love that, because I live in a house with 3 other girls at university and we never see each other over Christmas, so maybe I'll pitch this idea to them so we can have a "house Christmas" too!
    We always did 3 gifts at our house--Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Gold is something we wanted, Frankincense was something for our walk with God, and Myrrh was something we needed (socks, shampoo, the like). That way we didn't feel like we had this endless list of things we wanted, and we grew up to understand that every gift (even if it's underwear!) has it's place and importance! :)


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