Dolce Far Niente

16 December 2013

If you have actually seen or read Eat Pray Love the title above may resonate with you. Monday always seems to roll around a lot faster than Friday. Not that I have a job to go to but I really enjoy the weekends for church, small group, and spending time with my beloved. This weekend was lovely I saw my small group members for what will be the last time this year at a Christmas party. We played tons of games and ate delicious food that was catered by a husband and wife team. What I love about my small group is that though we are all of different ages and walks of life we are like a family. I will miss them all dearly but I am excited for a change in pace - which means I will have a few weekend to enjoy with absolutely nothing to do. In Italian the sweetness of doing nothing is called Dolce Far Niente.

But I can't enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing just yet. The weekend is gone and we are even closer to Christmas so I am back to scratching things off my to do lists. SIGH....I can't wait until my list is empty oh how I long for the weekend to come again.

OLD Wishes

Organize my Desk 
FAIL, it's chaos I wish I could throw everything away.

Do Laundry 
PASSED, but it's back.

Mail Out Christmas Cards 
PASSED, check your mailboxes

Start Shopping 
PASSED, shopped both online and in store.

Plan a Christmas Meal 
FAIL, sitting down to do it this week.

Find A service project to do with Mr.FixIt 
PASSED, purchased a few gifts for some sweet boys and girls.

NEW Wishes

Organize Desk
Mail Christmas Gifts
Clean Up Kitchen & Living Room
Do Laundry
Plan Christmas Dinner Menu

Your Turn: As we get closer to Christmas what is still on your to do list?


  1. Sounds like a great time with your small group. Love their home too...beautiful!

    For to do's: I've got to do some shopping for the hubs TODAY! Wish I could come help you organize! We'd whip that desk into shape in no time. Maybe you can go online to the Container Store for some motivation. That place can light a fire under your arse like nothing else!

  2. I love "Dolce Far Niente" and deeply wish I was better at it. I always think of other things I could be or should be doing. This week I need to get my presents wrapped and my Christmas Cards into the mail or else they are going to end up being New Years cards lol.

  3. beautiful tree!!! I'm just trying to make it through the week :) :) :)

  4. The Eat Pray Love quote made me smile. I need to start packing so I can go back home.

  5. I have soooo much left to do! I need to collaborate with Santa on a few gifts for the hubs. I need to mail out cards. I have 2 HUGE bags of laundry to put away and mail to go thru (boring student loan stuff). I also want to do a big purge/organization of drawers and closets before the new year......You know how it is--never done! Trying to not get too distracted from the beauty of the holiday xoox

  6. It sounds like a wonderful weekend! That home is beautiful!

  7. i yi yi yi yi. The better question is "what don't you have to do this week before Christmas?" I had company over all weekend (old college roommate and her three girls who are under 5) so I pushed everything off until after this weekend was over. Now I find myself in panic mode. I host Christmas at my house for my dad's side of the family Saturday and this year we decided that you had to come dressed as a Christmas movie character. I still need to plan what we will eat, prizes awarded for best costume, games, etc. I think I will just take a nap and think about it later :)

  8. Gorgeous home! My list has order meds and book rental car for Denver. Not quite the same but on my list just the same.

  9. So beautiful!! My mom is cooking Prime Rib for Christmas dinner I do believe...


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