Christmas of 1993

19 December 2013

The night before Christmas was surely the time I slept the least in my life. I remember trying my hardest to sleep so Christmas Day would come. As I laid in my bed my mind kept thinking about the presents that were sitting under the tree. Was that big one for me or my brother? Is that the Barbie jeep that I wanted or is it an easy bake oven? My mind would not let me rest. Eventually I would think hard enough to drift off to sleep. 

With the Christmas tree glimmering beyond the cracked door of the bedroom my brother and I shared my mom brought out bicycles we didn't know she had purchased. When the morning came the smell of breakfast woke both my brother and I up. Even though I am a vegan now the smell of bacon and eggs brings back happy memories of my childhood and for that I am always grateful.

After waking up we'd scoff down our breakfast and then run over to the tree and hand out any presents we'd bought for one another. Yes I could buy presents, I was 6 years old - I earned 10 dollars a week in 2 dollar bills for doing my chores! But back to the story. Once we handed out gifts my brother and I began to scratch the paper away from our gifts. In those moments my heart fluttered so loudly I could hear it in my ears. It beat so loudly that  I didn't notice when my Grandmother and Aunt showed up to add more gifts to the piles.

I was an innocent kid and my mind was focused on presents. I was so focused on the presents under the tree that I failed to notice the sparkly pink and white bike that was behind the tree waiting for me. When I finally looked up from my easy bake oven I saw the bicycle and let out a scream. I was thrilled to have this bike and ran to my mom to give her a big hug. After hugging her I remember that  I didn't know how to ride and instantly I became a little sad. And no I didn't believe in Santa because 1. I was really smart, 2. We didn't have a chimney, 3. I was pretty nosy and caught my mom wrapping our gifts.  

As we changed out of our pajamas my brother hurriedly put on his clothes to ride his new bike. I told my mom I didn't know how to ride mine and she was all dressed saying that she would teach me. We had a huge park across the street from our home - my mom and I walked my bike across to the park. She helped me to sit on the seat and told me I needed to peddle. My bike was equipped with training wheels but it was still a difficult thing for me. I remember my mom holding me steady and giving me a push and telling me to peddle and steer. I fell down once or twice but she was right there to dust me off. 

Every time I think back on childhood Christmases I know that was the best one ever. Not because I got tons of toys and a sparkly pink bike, but because my mom was there to teach me how to ride it. She's always worked so hard to give us normalcy, love, discipline and the best up bringing she could. Now that I am older I can see that her presence was my best Christmas present ever. 

Your Turn: What was your favorite holiday memory or favorite gift you received as a child?


  1. My favorite Christmas memory was when The Hubs proposed to me in front of his family on Christmas Eve. He gave me a present, and when I opened it, I saw my new name engraved on a beautiful bible. When I looked up he was down on one knee holding out a ring, making a promise to me that would last a lifetime. Gotta love that guy!

    1. That has to be one of the most beautiful proposals!

  2. Aw, I love this story and your photo! My favorite memories are decorating for Christmas with my mom. :)

  3. Cutest story ever lol. I think my favorite memories are decorating the tree every year.

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  5. I remember the excitement of Christmas day, love it!

    My favorite present was when I received the "My Super Magic Diary". My best friend lived next door and we would transmit messages to each other through the magic diary!

    Would love to win the Pray Bundle as I've been trying to foster quiet time with me and God more and more these days.

  6. What a great memory! One of my favorites is one Christmas Eve when we came home from my grandmas house, it was super late so normally we go straight to bed... But this year when we got home all the presents were out and the tree was on, it was like Santa had already came. My parents let us stay up and open all our presents that night and it was just an extra special memory, it felt magical. :)

  7. This is precious. I remember Christmases like this too! Oh to be able to celebrate a Christmas like a child again!

  8. This is such a wonderful post. I remember Barbie jeeps :) Mine was definitely a favorite. Celebrating Christmas as a child is definitely better than as an adult. There is much more to consider these days when traveling and trying to accommodate so many. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year with your husband!

  9. Cute story!!! I remember getting my roller blades!!! Haha, those were the days :) Merry Christmas sweet friend!

  10. This post made me tear up! I've been following you for a couple weeks now, but since I don't have internet at home I tend to just load your page while I have wifi and read it later. Sadly that means I can't leave comments after reading! Anyways.... Hi I am Suzanna! Sad you'll be leaving your blog for a while, but already looking forward to when you come back!


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