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12 December 2013

Here's a list of weird things I've discovered about myself. I thought I would share them to give you all a laugh or maybe you can relate. Feel free to tell me about your weird things in the comments.

1. I get extreme headaches when I wear headbands. They can be as loose as possible and I will have a headache in 30 minutes. So if you ever see a photo of me with a headband on, know that I only wore it for the time it took to snap the photo.

2. If I get hot when I sleep all I have to do is stick my foot out of the covers and my whole body cools down. My husband always covers my foot if I am sleeping when he leaves for work and I get all mad because I'm hot again haha.

3. I'm only 5'5 but I wear a size 10 shoe. People who see my feet always say they look small. If only they really knew.

4. I wanted glasses really bad as a kid. Now that I'm grown and I wear them everyday I want to punch the kid (me) who damaged my eyes.

5. I am a vegan who hates salad. I always refer to it as rabbit food. I will eat a salad with all the right toppings but it's not my first choice for a meal. If I am ever at your house and you offer me salad please know I am subconsciously rolling my eyes! 

6. I love being barefoot and will take my shoes of whenever possible, as long as it's clean. I'm definitely that lady at church who is barefoot half the time!

7. I don't like clothes. When I get home I promptly take off my pants. Clothes feel like jail to me. I like my freedom.

8. For the longest time I hated my name all because I couldn't find it on a magnet at Disney world! I've since warmed up to it - it only took 26 years!

9. When I remove my tea bag from my cup instead of squeezing it out in the cup I put in my mouth. Most times it taste disgusting but that has yet to stop me. I guess it's a habit. Eww.

10. I squeal when I get snail mail from friendsI love getting mail and I check my mailbox several times a day. I also like checking other people's mailboxes (I only check the mailboxes of people I know...with permission!

11. I yell at the tv when I am watching it. Especially when the characters are dumb. Sometimes I get so riled up that I stand up. I don't do this much in theatres but the few times that I have I was in the back row. I did it during the last Twilight when Alice had the premonition of what would happen if they went to battle with the Volturi.

12. I don't like bananas, they make my mouth itch. A few years ago I was told I had low potassium levels and needed to eat them more. Since then I eat one banana a day, but it has to be a really big one or else I feel its a waste of my time and a waste of an itchy mouth.

13. I hate having my eyes closed when washing my hair or face. I panic when I can't see so most times I apply everything in a way that I can have my eyes open the whole time.

14. I don't own a blowdryer and I haven't for more than 6 years. I air dry my hair and never use heat on it. Tonight I nearly caved to buy one but then I was reminded of how great my hair has done without one.

That's all that I can think of for right now but I am sure there is plenty more.

Your Turn!!! Tell me your weird things.


  1. Girrrrl we have a lot in common when it comes to our feet lol. I have size 10 feet too, and I have always stick my foot out to cool off, and I love being barefoot,... lol I also hate confining clothing. I really love giant sized sweat pants and sweat shirts.. but no socks lol.

  2. Oh man. This is awesome. Side note. That banana is scary huge.
    1. YES! I try to wear them but end up getting mad and then have a dent in my curly hair for the rest of the day.
    2. What is it about that little burst of cool air that makes it all better? Claustrophobia??
    3. I actually do have a small foot... I can wear kid shoes.. this is usually a plus! Cheap shoes!
    4. Me too. I wear contacts now though. It took years to find some that were comfortable though!
    5. I'm not vegan. But I'm not a huge fan of salads.
    6. I only like being barefoot at our house... but don't like wearing close toe shoes. Again with the claustrophobia!
    7. I kind of have to wear clothes with two boys running around.
    8. On the opposite side. My name is one that so many people have. Even middle name. I want to be different!
    9. That's just gross. ;)
    10. I love going to the mail box!! Always have!
    11. I internally yell... alot.
    12. ME TOO! Both my sister and I have bad reactions to bananas, but we were told we had too much potassium. I'm actually allergic... my mouth gets itchy at first then swells up like on the movie Hitch. We joke that I should just rub banana on my lips to make them more plump. Not.
    13. Ok. Too many scary movies. I know one day there will be something scary there when I open my eyes after washing my face. My sister actually told me she sings a cheesy song we learned in Bible school to calm her down while washing her face : "Jesus is a rock and he rolls my blues away! Bop shoo bop, shoo bop, Whooo!
    14. We used to live in a really humid place and I got rid of my blowdryer. After 6 years of curly hair I think I have finally embraced it!

  3. Nice knowing new things about my cyber friend be bless.

  4. Thanks for sharing your quirks, friend! I can't wear headbands either because I get headaches too! I think my head is too big, haha! I can't keep my foot uncovered. Even in the summer. I have to pull the covers up all the way to my ears. It's weird.

  5. That banana is HUGE!!!!!!!!!! I feel inappropriate and immature for wanting to add, "That's what she said." BUWAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. OMG. I think we are soul sisters. Kindred spirits = 1, 2, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13! :) I really loved this post! Such a good one to catch up on!

  7. I get terrible head aches all the time! I can't wear headbands, hats or really anything on my head. Also, numbers 2, 6, 8, 10, and 11 are all me too!

  8. This is awesome!!! I love knowing these weird quirks about people. It makes me feel better about myself. ;-)

  9. So much fun! I love posts like these. I am the same way with my foot!! And too funny about the banana...

  10. Loved reading this list. I always like learning more things about my bloggy friends. :-)

    As for me...
    1. I can't swallow pills.
    2. I don't like super deep cups or bowls, although they are artistically pleasing. It just creeps me out to have my food or drink waaay down there.
    3. I love covering up. I have to wrap up all year long. I love blankets and comforters. Doesn't matter how hot or cold it is, you will always find some type of wrap on my body. Makes me feel cozy. On another note, I almost always have a sweater or jacket too.
    4. You'll almost always find me sleeping in socks. (probably goes back to #3)
    5. When I'm sleep deprived, I start laughing. Seriously, like everything is all of a sudden super funny.
    6. I like the idea of fruit, but I don't like soft fruits too much. I enjoy the crispiness of an apple, a nectarine over a peach, only bananas that have just ripened and never a mushy one. Not so much a fan of juice running everywhere. I've had some strangling issues in my past. Makes me super cautious. (probably the reason for #1)

    p.s. As for my name (Elisabeth), I never find it spelled correctly on a magnet, bookmark, or trinket. Not even in the Christian book stores. When I mention that my parents got it out of the Bible, I get blank stares a lot, even from those who spell theirs Elizabeth. Apparently the Bibles I've owned all my life are the only ones with this (my) spelling. lol

  11. Ditto on the no clothes! Anytime I go out wearing "real clothes" I can't wait to come home and put on pj's!

  12. These crack me up!!! I hate clothes too!!! I love the freedom ;) We always check our mail box and laugh since half the time it's junk!!! It's just still something we get excited to do! I wear a size 9.5ish, so I totally understand. I will have to forgive you that you don't like salad, that is all I eat ;) xoxo

  13. How fun is this list! I'm so with you on the clothes, thing. I don't get to really just take off my pants, but I definitely prefer sweats to jeans, that's for sure! :) And I also agree with you on the name thing, too. Disneyland and pretty much everyone else needs to make goodies with our names on them, too! :)


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