Best Job I've Ever Had

31 December 2013

Hello Word of the Nerd readers! I'm thrilled that Charity has invited me to hang out on her blog while she is away for the holidays! I guess I should tell you who I am, that would be helpful. I'm Amberly and I blog over at Life with Amberly and Joe. My posts are all about marriage, love and life and the things I am learning in my journey through each of them. You have seen Charity participate in my Marriage & Relationship Goals every month, I love setting goals that help me become a better wife! My husband and I love to talk about Marriage & Money and the things we've done to help us have happy conversations about finances. My most recent fun series is the Meaningful Marriage Book Study.

Marriage is one of the greatest things in my life, and I love it more and more every single day. My husband is my best friend and the perfect guy for me, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Being a wife is really the best job I've ever had for so many reasons. Over the past little while, I have found myself really appreciating my husband for the support that he gives me on a daily basis.

The first of this month was finals week and I had to take a really stressful math test. The results weren't what I'd hoped for and the night my score was posted, I was an emotional wreck. I was so frustrated with myself, my professor, math in general, and my grade. When I couldn't stop my tears, my sweet husband rolled over in bed and snuggled with me. He didn't have to say anything and I didn't want to talk, but just knowing that he was there for me made a huge difference. (Don't worry, everything worked out and I passed my class!) That night, with my husband's arm wrapped around me, I thought how great it is to have someone to share my sorrows with in life. "Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow" right?

In marriage, we need to be there for each other in good times and bad. Your spouse needs someone to hold them when they're down just as much as you do. Celebrate your joys and successes together and be happy for the things your spouse has accomplished. Be the best friend and spouse they could ask for and they'll do the same in return. We all need a shoulder to lean on, and for me, that shoulder is my husband!



  1. Love this, especially the reminder to give support as well as receive it!

  2. This is so sweet!! Love your desire to press into your marriage and encourage all of us!!! Thanks!

  3. What better shoulder there is!! Love your constant desire to be a better wife - makes me want to do the same :)


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