2 Peas in A Pod

17 December 2013

As I continue to find joy in the differences my husband and I bring to our marriage I am also overwhelmed by our similarities. Last week I told you all about how my husband and I are like night and day when it came to our personalities. But there are also many ways we are alike. 

We are 2 Peas in a Pod because.....

We are homebodies. 
Though we enjoy going out if we have the option we'll stay in an make it a movie night. In fact we have had two snow days this week and it was the perfect excuse to cozy up and languish from sun up to sun down.

We enjoy traveling. 
I've always loved to travel and my husband hadn't see much before we were married. Since then we have travelled tons of places together and plan to make traveling a regular thing in our marriage.

We love family. 
My family is very close, my in laws are not but my husband always desires to be closer to them. We are all about family and do whatever we can for them.

We are adventurous. 
I am adventurous where food is concerned I will try just about anything once. Except things that have meat. My husband is adventurous where activity is concerned he loves to try new activities and extreme sports.

We love kids. 
We believe we will have a huge family one day, super excited for when that time comes.

We're Nerds. 
He has an affinity for new gadgets and I think he's rubbing off on me. 

We enjoy DIY projects. 
This week we collaborated to make a soap dispenser for our bathroom. It came out lovely even though we had different ideas about how to get it done.

We really like eating. 
Though we have different taste, food is something we enjoy together. Luckily Indian Food is one thing we agree on, yum!

We like to match.
In the beginning of our marriage I used to lay out clothes for my husband and I that were similar in color. Although I don't go crazy to make sure we match anymore both of us do it subconsciously. I find him peeking at my clothing choices on date and I think it's super cute.

We like music. 
Our love for music is what lead to our courtship. My husband sang to me once when I was having a bad day, I still remember the song it was called Close One Yesterday by Buju Banton. I think I fell in love at the very moment he sang to me. Hearing him sing melted my heart, and I get palpitations when I hear him sing now. 

We like to read.
While I prefer reading novels, my husband prefers to read instruction manuals or things about technology. 

We like gardening.
My husband does not have a green thumb, but he's good a digging and handling a rake. He built me a nice raised garden plot at our home in Florida and we grew tons of veggies that were really yummy. I miss those days.

We love GOD.
I grew up in church but my husband didn't - he believed in God but that's about all he knew when we were courting. My Pastor who married us mentored us both before our marriage and a little afterwards before he died. He helped my husband find the path towards being a Godly husband and I have loved watching him grow as the years have passed. As he has grown so have I right along side of him. Some days have been hard but it's been beautiful.

Looking at this post makes me want to give husband a huge squeeze right now because he is seriously my best friend. We didn't discover all of our similarities right away but I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about how God knew we were compatible and made this lovable guy just for me. We may think differently on many things but where it counts we totally agree and I love that.

Your Turn: Tell me about some things you and your husband have in common. What are some of your favorite things to do together?


  1. You and your husband are precious...and such a great example of a loving, Godly relationship! :)

  2. Girl, this is perfect! You two were obviously made for each other. I love that you always match! You are too cute!

  3. I love it! This is something I need to think about and put together a list :)

  4. You guys! Isn't being married to your best friend the best thing in the world?!

  5. wow! you & your hubs sound a lot like me & mine! it's so crazy how we are so much alike with certain things but also night & day on a lot too! but it's so great to be married to your best friend!!

  6. Isn't it great that we can have so many differences AND so many similarities as our husbands???!?!? I think that's one thing that makes marriage so special. :-)

  7. Nice to learn about you and your husband :) you two look great together!

  8. I want to give you both a huge squeeze! Y'all are too cute, great picture on the bench!!! Aren't you glad God didn't make us exactly alike, but yet he created us where we have so many similarities too??? So sweet to read!

  9. Sounds like you married your best friend! Great getting to know you two.


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