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24 November 2013

Surprise, yes its Sunday and yes I am blogging! I just wanted to share with you all some last minute Thanksgiving preparation tips. If you have been following this blog long enough you know that I have no problem making one man/woman's trash my treasure. I talk about how I shop second hand in great detail here and here. Last Monday I told you all that I needed a dutch oven but what I didn't say was that I have expensive taste especially when it comes to products that I know I will use very often. I also do tons of research when I know I am about to make a big purchase - I did it with my stand-mixer and my blender. So when I knew I needed a dutch oven I had my eye on the Le Creuset brand. The most disappointing thing about this brand was the price - their smaller ovens start at $275! I knew that at this rate if I was going to purchase one I had to be sure that I wanted it and sure that I had great need for it. I have been mulling over this purchase for more than a year now and finally reach the point where not having a dutch oven was more annoying that paying that ginormous price to get one.

I am a pretty simple girl and I own very few appliances, I made the conscious choice to choose between this and a crock pot. The crock pot loss because I hate having a crowded counter top with too many things to plug in. So as I searched for ovens I saw that no other ovens had a rapport like Le Creuset with its customers. As Thanksgiving approached my mind was slowly going back and forth on if I wanted to spend that type of money. On Tuesday I decided that I needed it and that I would just head over to Williams Sonoma or Sur Le Table and pick it up before I thought any harder. While I was browsing colors on the Williams Sonoma site an idea came up, I thought that I should check Craigslist. I would have only purchased a brand new one there anyhow, not because I think its icky to share pots and pans but because I wanted to be the only one using it to insure it was used properly.

To my surprise I found an ad that had exactly what I was looking for and the bonus - it had not one but two Le Creuset ovens and they wanted $350 dollars. I immediately contacted the seller letting her know I was a serious buyer and would come to pick it up ASAP. She contacted me back within minutes of sending my number, the ovens were still available and she accepted my offer of $300 dollars for both ovens.

I am very happy to say I am now the proud owner of two Le Creuset French Ovens. The ovens were brand new in box with receipt so I was able to exchange them for a color that really suited my kitchen. I have two sizes and my final price was $300 dollar for both ovens. One oven is priced at $275 and the other sells for $325. That would have been a total of $600 dollars for both of these ovens without the tax, I basically bought one and got the other free and I am thrilled!

The moral of this story is to try Craigslist. You might just find the deal of your life waiting there, I know I did. I was able to save that money to put towards buying my own Thanksgiving dinner and dinner for a few needy families as well. If you are in need of anything particular before Thanksgiving search for it now don't waste another minute.

Your Turn: Do you buy second hand? What is your favorite trash to treasure item?


  1. What an amazing deal Charity!! That is so awesome! Hope you share what you make in them!!

  2. Love a good deal. Score! Le Crueset will last forever!

    1. I am totally hoping so. As long as I keep my husband from cooking in it! Lol and it has a lifetime warranty.

  3. Love it! Le creuset is such high quality, you'll be passing those on to your kids!

  4. I am a bargain shopper so this post makes me SO happy!!! My whole college apartment was decorated with furniture, tables, etc from my parents' neighbors who left them out for trash! Can you believe that? Curtains too!!! It's amazing how people throw away legit stuff!

  5. AAAhhh!!! That's so exciting! And that's really cool that you thought to exchange them for the color you wanted. I don't think I would have thought of that. :-)

  6. Wow, Charity! What a deal. Gorgeous pots in gorgeous colors. Yes, I do buy second hand and accept second hand, third hand. lol When we host Thanksgiving, my mom pulls all of our new but not used things together and plays a game with the guests where they draw numbers and pick prizes. Whatever is left she donates to the Christian Closet (a second-hand ministry in town).

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful extended holiday season! xoxo


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