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19 November 2013

Wow! It's hard to believe we are half way through November. I am really thankful that the month is zooming by because this month's marriage goals have been my biggest challenge yet. We have had a really great time praying together learning about each other and just forming the bond that God intends for us to have, but it hasn't come without it's down side. In last week's post I asked for prayers because I knew that we would need them. If I can be real with you - anytime that you chose to honor, serve, or grow with God expect to experience tests and some spiritual warfare. God test us in these areas to see if we were really paying attention but the enemy attacks us in area where he thinks we are weak.

This week all though my husband and I prayed more together than we have ever in our marriage we also had more spats as well. For example one night before going to bed I asked my husband if he would fix the air printing feature on my computer in the morning and he said that he would. So we prayed and fell asleep, the next day he got up and headed out for soccer totally forgetting about helping me. I was still asleep so I couldn't remind him. Normally its not a big deal if he forgets because I knew he would be back in a few hours and I didn't need to print anything right away. But on this day I was all bothered and really bratty because I couldn't fix my own problem and because he forgot about helping me. When he came home a few hours later I was in full on crab mode - I didn't argue but my words were very limited. I didn't even try to remind him about the problem. Then I sat down at my computer and the problem was no longer there, my husband hadn't fixed it but it was just gone. It was then that I remember that the enemy was prowling around trying to cause discord where it didn't need to be. Since I was all crabby my husband went in the room and tried to give me some space because he didn't know what was wrong. I spent hours alone being mad when I could have been spending time with my best friend. I felt horrible and hated that I let a small thing like that get to me. When it was time to pray I asked God to help me to be alert and slow to anger, amongst other things. I also apologized to my husband because he had no idea why I was being a crab.

Since that night I have been more aware that the power of our prayers has the enemy flinching so he's doing his best to throw curve balls at our marriage. He seeks to step in whatever way he can, but I am not having it! After that computer glitch I dived even deeper into prayer and spending time with my husband. This weekend we both unplugged, snuggled in the cold weather, caught up on our recorded shows and I even let him steal popcorn from my bowl. My husband doesn't really care to do any kind of shopping but he was right by my side for all the errands that I had to take care of we didn't let anything separate us. After running errands we also managed to squeeze in an impromptu dinner and ice cream stop on our way home that night. There were definitely highs and lows this week but even with that there was much progress.

Your Turn: How did you do at your marriage goals? Is there anything that you need to be more intentional about?


  1. I can totally relate! It seems like whenever I strive to do something good on one end, there's something almost irrational that almost begs me to be miserable and annoying. Thanks for always keeping me mindful of how the enemy is constantly out to get us!

  2. Girl, the enemy HATES that you are praying together now so he is going to do everything he can to come to steal, kill and destroy!!! Keep commanding him to leave from your marriage and your rooms! So glad that y'all have been so blessed to pray together!

  3. Hooray!!! I'm so glad you're having so much success!! :) See, it gets easier as the month goes along :)


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