The Christmas Card Fail

04 November 2013

Hey my lovelies!! I had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you did too! It definitely was not as crazy as the week before and for that I am grateful. Each day we are inching closer and closer to the holidays. Thank you to all of you who shared sweet advice and sent prayers my way for my feeling about being alone for the holidaysI am in much better spirits and once again looking forward to a season that's all about family for me. I still haven't sat down to make a list for holiday grocery shopping but I have at least prepared the menu.

After washing my hair this weekend.
There have also been recent developments where our holidays are concerned. Still praying for direction on that all, but apparently this new year will bring tons of new changes. This weekend God has been speaking to me in so many different ways. He's definitely preparing my heart for what's to come. He's also given me the grace to get many things scratched off my need to do list. If you haven't notice I've been backed up where email and blog reading is concerned and that's because I am reworking the way I spend my weekends. Typically my weekends are filled with working nights if I am booked for photography. The weekend mornings is when I usually spend time reading blogs and emailing. But with my recent goal to purse a more intentional time with my husband I have tried to be more present for the times we are together. Instead of being stuck at the computer editing, blogging, emailing, shopping I am trying to get out and make memories with my husband and a few of my friends.

Over the weekend I washed my hair and also caught a little of the ING marathon, live. My husband and I again shared meals together and nice conversations. We were also blessed to enjoy a wonderful lunch with a couple from our small group. We just loved this weekend. With that said this is a whole new week and I have new goals. But here is what I set out to accomplish last week. 

ING runner heading home after the race. His time was 5:25, I was proud and I didn't even know him.
Last Weeks Wishes

1. Catch up on emails!!! 
Yes if you are in my inbox without a reply I am getting to ya!!

2. Order those pictures for Christmas cards! 
Why is this so hard?

3. Take the box of purged clothes to goodwill and stock up on a few jeans that actually fit.

4. Put new and successful recipes in journal and send photos to print.

5. Wash my hair!! 
Yep I put that on the list. I don't use heat to dry my hair so washing it is something I have to plan in advance. I must wash it in the morning so it will have all day to dry.

6. Fold and put away laundry!

managed to do everything last week except where ordering photos is concerned. Honestly I think that I am just overwhelmed with photo taking/editing because it's my profession, but this week I am determined to have that done. After all it's November now. I am also partially through my emails and hoping to be fully on top of it all by tomorrow. I did wash my hair and it took nearly 7 hours to completely dry. Needless to say I left the house with a wet head, but I still managed to stay warm. I am recycling my first two goals for last week. So here are my new weekly wishes:

This Week's Wishes

1. Catch up on emails!!! 
I'm halfway there, I can see light at the end of my email tunnel!

2. Order those pictures for Christmas cards! 
Again....Why is this so hard?

3. Write out the grocery list for Thanksgiving meal. 

4. Solicit guest bloggers for my blog anniversary and hiatus!! 
If you are reading this and are interested in guest posting on faith, food, family, life,  infertility please contact me. 

5. Get to bed by 10pm for this whole week.

6. Make special plans for Tuesday nights with Mr.FixIt, while small group is on break.

7. Schedule a mani/pedi!! 

8. Find a family to sponsor for a thanksgivings meal.

This list is a little longer than last week's and I am hoping to have more progress especially at the top of this list! Please wish me all the luck and anti procrastination with getting those photos done.

Your Turn: What are some of your wishes for this week? How was your weekend?

The Nectar Collective


  1. I cant wait to see your Christmas Cards I am sure they will be every bit of amazing. I also can not wait to read the quest posts Im sure they will be beautifuly laced with lessons and faith.

    My Wish List-

    1) Plan out all my meals and stick to them.

    2) Really be present with my husband when we are home together.

    3) Make a healthy but tasty menu for a party I am throwing on Saturday!

    Have a wonderful week Charity- prayinf for you guys always. So thankful that blogging lead me to you xoox

  2. I love this, Charity. Don't ever feel bad about being behind on emails or comments. You will never regret the time you've spent with your hubby. I've been trying to be more present myself, leaving my phone at home or off, spending less time on blogging and more time with my family. I completely understand if you get behind on comments - so you never have to worry about me, girl! ♥

  3. um hello, you are BEAUTIFUL!!! I think it's so great you got extra time with your sweet husband!! So glad you are getting a mani/pedi, that sounds delightful!! Wish I could go with you!!!! I would love to help you in any way with a guest posts, just let me know!! <3 Hope you have a great week, get more sweet time with the Lord and your husband! hugs

  4. Quality Mr. time is always a good idea! I am struggling with this also, Friend. And the responses, you get to them when you get to them! People can't- and shouldn't- expect all bloggers to respond ASAP. We all have lives to live! I hope you get all your weekly wishes accomplished! Sending extra prayers to you this week!

  5. Hopping over from Melyssa's blog! Wow, you have a long list and if you get most of them done, I'm impressed. Why not send christmas cards without pictures? It's what we do over here in Belgium. Most of the time we buy premade cards, sometimes we make them ourselves, but we always try to write a personal message. The only picture cards I get, is from my American friend or my aunt who takes silly pictures of her dog dressed up as an elf :-s

    And in times with all these 'social media', it's not that bad to unplug and just spend time with your loved ones. It's something we should do more often, life's much easier and better like that!

    I love all your wishes, but number 5. Get to bed by 10pm for this whole week is my favourite, mostly because I want to do the same, but it just doesn't work for me LOL

    have a great week!

    PS: if you're still looking for someone to guest post, I'd love too!

  6. My wish for this week is to write my masters thesis several pages! I'm behind my schedule :(

    I'd like to challenge you!

    I'd love to read about topic 2 or 4 :)

  7. i always put off christmas cards till the last minute! that's why i put them in my goals list.. so it can hopefully motivate me to get it done. haha my husband and i could also use some more intentional time. I feel like we're always on our phones or computer...

  8. What a great list - your bottom one of sponsoring a family for thanksgiving that is a wonderful thing. How do you go about doing that is it through your church? I'd love to find out if our church does something similar :) Good luck with your list. The 10pm thing I definitely have to do too and above all I have to put time with my husband and family on the very top....need that quality time....still trying to do your thing of no phone either....thats crept down my list....getting there!!!
    cute top!!!
    have a super awesome week lovely lady!!!


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