The Accident

26 November 2013

A few days ago when my husband was coming home he witnessed a horrific accident. It's really his story to tell but since he doesn't blog and I do I want to share it with you all and of course how it touched me.

As my husband entered the freeway to head home from work two cars were drag racing on the freeway. The car that was immediately behind my husband swerved to avoid hitting him and as he passed my husband the car rolled over five plus times. Their car came to a stop by crashing into a big box store that was near the freeway. The female passenger was ejected through the windshield, but praises to God was walking around after getting off the ground between the car and the store. She was a bloody mess but said that she felt fine and was worried about her boyfriend, he was the driver of the car and was unconscious but breathing - they were teenagers. My husband tried to keep her calm by reassuring her that help was on the way. He asked her what happened and she said that they were racing and couldn't break fast enough to avoid hitting a black car (my husband's vehicle) so they went around and that's when the car flipped. According to the girl, the car that was racing with them kept going.

Her boyfriend was severely injured and my husband stayed at the scene until help arrived trying to talk him into consciousness. He called me after the ambulance had arrived to let me know he would be late. I felt panicked wondering if he was truly okay after he assured me that he was I prayed with him and when we got off the phone I prayed again for him.

Accidents like this remind me that we can be here one day but gone the next. More than anything this accident reminded me that God answers my prayers every single day that my husband returns home to me. God is sovereign, he protects us, provides for us, and loves us so deeply. As I was replaying my husbands words in my head I can't help but think of how close he came to be more than a witness to the accident. I can't help but praise God for sparing his life. I can only sing praises of how good God truly is. In this month of working on praying with my husband more we have been through so many small feats but this accident was a testament to how far we have come - before I could think to call anyone to share the news I first talked to God. While my husband was on the accident scene I prayed and praised God for his life, I prayed for the teenagers that were involved, and I prayed for a safe return home. The power of prayer calmed my soul and I felt the worry wash away. Honestly there was absolutely no point to worry because there was nothing I could do, my hands were tied and I could only believe wholeheartedly that my God would care for him.

When he came home a hour and a half later I also just looked into his eyes and realized that he is a manifestation of my prayers. I am so grateful to God for this prayer journey I have been on, most of all I am grateful that he showed me how many times he's answered prayers for me. Often times we get so caught up on the big prayers that we forget to thank Him for the small ones. Prayer thrust us into the presence of God, and for this event I am sure that is true. Even with all the human error that occurred God worked in the midst of it. My husband talked to a detective today and was told that the guy was critical but alive and that the girl was being treated for her injuries. Even with the girl being ejected out of a car and with the boyfriend having to be pried out of the car with the jaws of life, no one died - isn't God good?

Overall I am just so thrilled at how prayer is working on us both collectively and individually. I am glad to feel connect to God and my husband all at the same time. I am thankful through prayer God has reminded me that I have so much more to be thankful for.

Your Turn: Are you taking any small prayers for granted?


  1. Oh my gosh! That's insane. Maybe something to be thankful for in this horrible situation is that although it scared the mess out of you, God knew your husband was there at that moment. For those kids, your husband was a light in what was darkness for them, in whatever way. They'll never forget this, and probably not him or his face. So while it was scary and horrible, I'm thankful that your husband, a Godly man who wanted to care for those kids, was there. So glad he's safe! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is the second post that I have read this morning about car accidents. God is so good. He's always looking out for us. What an amazing husband you selfless of him to stay and help.

  3. Charity! Chills all over. I'm SO thankful he is safe and at home and my goodness, what a reminder how precious life is, right?! Sometimes we become so consumed with our circumstances, that we forget to praise God for the wonderful people right in front of us (like our husbands). I needed this reminder today. Thanks girl xoxo

  4. My job has me see and hear things like this all the time. Everyday I am thankful that my husband, my family, and I go to bed and wake up the next day without something tragic or awful happening.

  5. Oh my goodness. I am so glad your husband and everyone involved is OK. Isn't prayer great? That is something I certainly need to work on: immediately turning to God in times like this. Usually, I freak out first and call family. Then I go to God. That is not how it should be. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. This is such a great testimony of how GREAT and AWESOME God is and how He is always protecting us like a shield (Psalm 5:12). Prayer is powerful and prayer works! Thank you for sharing this story :)

    1. Thank you Elisha. You are so right prayer works and God holds us in the palm of his hand protecting us from it all.

  7. Oh Charity! I am so so glad your husband is ok! But what a horrible thing to witness!

    We were in an accident once where our vehicle rolled. Everyone was buckled and my daughter (who was 3 at the time) was in her car seat. She didn't have a scratch or bruise. My chest was very sore from hanging upside down by my seatbelt but she said she didn't have a single boo boo. I said God wrapped his arms tight around her. ♥

  8. God's awesomeness will always reigns supreme! My grandmother taught me to never say that I was lucky---but that I'm blessed because God always deserves the glory! You and your hubby are truly blessed.

    I'm so happy that your hubby is okay and I'm even more excited about how God is showing you that He alone will meet all of your needs (Keeping your hubby safe) and EVEN the deserves of your heart (growing in Grace with your hubby via prayer). Whenever you don't feel like praying or you can't find the words to pray with your hubby---just thank God for all of the miracles big and small that He's worked out today. Yes, things could have been better---but they also could have been worse!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  9. So scary! My sister and I witnessed an accident in September and that was crazy! :P

  10. How scary!! What a great reminder to never take our loved ones forgranted.

  11. wow that is so full on. Reading that I had to reread what the girl said to your husband. That they swerved to miss him...WoW! just not luck involved here and knowing that they are all okay because of the fact that they swerved things could have been way worse!!! So happy you got your hubby home in one piece and love that your prayer life together is being so positive! So sweet. Definitely need to continue to pray as the power of it once you finish just speaks volumes xx


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