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05 November 2013

After thinking long and hard about what my November marriage goal would be, it finally came to me. Ironically it came to me in prayer, I realized that for November I wanted to focus on praying in my marriage, not just praying for my husband or praying for our marriage - but praying together. 

Somewhere along the way we have both been less intentional about praying with each other. We still do pray together but not nearly as often as we do other things. I've already mentioned it to my husband that it is my desire to pray more with him and he's all on board. Now I have to figure out just how to be intentional about praying with him daily. 

I would love to pray with him before he goes to work, and at some point when he comes home to start. Currently we only pray together before devotional - bedtime, on the weekends when I am home, and when we share a meal together. I am a strong believer that prayer brings about intimacy! First with God and then with each other. Our marriage only exist to bring God glory and we know that. So here's to hoping this month's goal will be a success and lead to a deeper prayer life with my husband and with God!

Your Turn: Are you joining in with sharing your marriage goals for this month? In what way are you seeking to be more intentional in your marriage?

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  1. You guys are so disciplined praying together daily. I usually pray mostly by myself, because I am a total dork and always cry when I pray out loud with hubby. Then he thinks something is wrong. It's not...I'm just really moved by prayer or a total of the other. hehe :) Kudos to you guys for making the time and effort!

  2. Prayer together is something we definitely struggle with also! This month we're taking a break from our normal time in our community (small group) weekly gathering time and we're going to focus solely on our marriages. Most of us have been married 2-7 years... so it's going to be really cool to have a refresher of marriage and what it was intended for, to show Christ's love for the church. The Hubs and I are about to start premarital counseling with an engaged couple, so we're excited about that too, knowing it will also be good for our marriage! Thanks for the reminder to keep prayer a huge priority!

  3. Yes!!! I'm so excited about this goal! We pray together every day, and it is such an intimate time! I think the divorce rate for couples who play together is 2%. PS Most of your prayers we do are the confessions over our bodies for them to align to God's will!!! It's been such a sweet time of praying scripture over our lives during this trial! Pumped to hear how your goal goes and am encouraged by reading this!

  4. Such a great goal!! I need to be better about this too. I in general don't love praying outloud so my husband prays mostly... but I want to try more!

  5. Love this Charity! What an awesome goal! We are guilty of praying together before meals and bedtime and not really making it a priority to pray together at other times. I so agree that growing closer to God brings about intimacy in your marriage!


  6. Such a great idea! My hubby and I would pray together at night before we said goodnight, but we fell off because of conflicting times we would each go to sleep. I've got to find time to come up with marriage goals. Thanks for being the inspiration I need.

  7. This is something which we definitely have said that we need to do as a couple and we've never really done it together apart from saying Grace so something I can't wait to get in the habit of! Interested when you said morning prayer together as I've just been thinking of praying at night together...but what a way to start the day right :)


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