Playing Telephone

12 November 2013

It's been one whole week of living my goal of trying to pray more with my husband. I will be honest we failed just as much as we passed this week - I do feel like it was progress though. A few days we were just super busy and when time permitted either I was asleep or he was. It didn't work for us to pray early in the morning when my husband rose for work because he wakes up before the sun and I got to sleep shortly before the sun rises. So needless to say at 5:30am I am pretty much useless, lifeless, and dead to the world.

On Thursday he mentioned that we could pray over the phone I got really excited. Seriously I felt like he had just invented the telephone, that's how stoked I was. Why didn't we think of that before?

So that day we prayed on the phone and you know something it was a wonderful feeling, no matter how many times we pray together it never gets old. In my last post I didn't tell you all about the anxiety I have when praying aloud. It's not that I don't feel comfortable with God - its just that my private and intimate conversations with God are now public. I also still have a the Baptist prayer phobia, where I never feel like I am praying good enough, long enough or that I don't get sweaty enough. Yes, I know there is no such thing as the right prayer but this something I am still getting over - step by step day by day.

Another thing I have come to realize is that when I pray aloud with my husband he is privy to my junky heart. In a way it's freeing but at the same time its a bit scary. Intimacy has a way of making us really vulnerable - I desire that closeness with my husband but it comes at the price of being a little uncomfortable. The bonus of him knowing what's on my heart is that he can now help me by praying for me. So even though the thought of it makes me sweat praying with him helps me so much.

For this week ahead we are working on getting into a steady praying rhythm. I also had some confessions that a friend of mine sent me a while ago that I had been reading alone. I have since printed another copy to share them with my husband, I am just so excited to see how the power of prayer moves in our marriage. I am also coveting all the prayers I can during this time because we know when God's children grow stronger the devil begins to prowl. So please pray for us!

Your Turn: What are you marriage goals and how are you doing with them this week?


  1. Thanks for being honest about not getting it all perfect this week! I laughed out loud when you wrote "Baptist prayer phobia." That's so true! I just picked up "A Praying Life-Paul Miller" from a friend to start for myself, and The Hubs and I are leading our community through Ephesians 5 this week to drop back and study the foundations of what marriage is to us!

  2. I love that you are finding new ways to make your goals happen, without having to sacrifice sleep ;)

  3. Praying aloud with someone is really tough. I'll admit, when my husband and I pray together, it is usually him who says the prayer. I am so glad you have found a way to make it work and are working toward a steady rhythm. I will be praying that God hears you two and blesses you for your efforts!

  4. I'm so glad you're figuring out the times that work for the two of you to pray together!

  5. Love your honesty. When Colby lived in GA last year, the only option we had was to pray over the telephone, it was different, but it worked!!! God doesn't care how we do it, He just cares that we do xoxo you are doing great girl. Love that pic of you, btw!

  6. I found your blog when I visited the Artsy Cajun's blog. I have to say, I love your font choices and your blog in general. I appreciate your honesty and totally know what you mean the "right prayer." Prayer does lead to vulnerability with your spouse and those your pray with.
    I feel like your post is a good kick in the butt for my husband and I. We usually pray together at meals (if others are in attendance) and at church. So maybe my goal is to at least pray once a week with my husband? Eeeee. sounds scary.

  7. Ugh. Story of my life... I feel so uncomfortable for some reason praying out loud. It's so strange how I am able to express the deepest darkest parts of my heart to my husband, yet I can't pray very easily in front of him. Why is that??

    1. I'm the same way, and I totally get it. It just seems so private when I'm talking to God or something. Glad I'm not the only one...was beginning to think I was!

  8. I found your blog through The Quiet Place and I love it! I'm excited for you to be praying with your husband. I can get anxious about praying out loud too. I STILL get nervous when my hubby asks if I want to pray - but he asks every night, and I always say yes : ) We do get to know so much more about each other when we do pray together - like what's going on in our hearts, what our struggles are, etc. So happy for you guys to do the same!

  9. What did people do before cell phones and Skype? Glad ya'll made it happen. You guys are too cute!


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