One Lonely Leaf

15 November 2013

In this concrete jungle Winter is beginning to overshadow the Fall leaves. Trees that were full of brightly colored orange, read, and yellow leaves are now becoming bare. Even with the nakedness of the trees and the bitterness that comes with the cold, I am excited for Winter - its my favorite season. We have already seen our first snow and the temperature has dipped into the high 20's, Christmas is almost here.

This Friday I am linking up with my beautiful friend Aimee from Dear Harper Blog to bring you Find Beauty Friday. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life and capture it, so that you can it with others. Join the linkup below and share the beauty in your Friday.

Dear Harper

Your Turn: Winter begins on December 21. What activities do you look forward to in the Winter? What is you favorite season?


  1. I think I'm most looking forward to wearing scarves and ice skating. I went to New York last Dec and it was amazing in Dec. Happy almost winter!

  2. LOVE your photo! That makes me happy:)

    Visiting from #findbeautyfriday link-up!


  3. You've managed to make a single leaf on concrete look beautiful! Can't believe ya'll have already had snow. It's 84 degrees in TX today! Snow outside and cold weather snuggling sounds so cozy...kinda jealous!

  4. <3 I am just about ready for winter! :-)

  5. I am so behind on commenting so please forgive me for just now getting here! Thank you so much for co-hosting again and for sharing such beauty! :)


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