I'm Not A Stalker

11 November 2013

Happy Monday friends!! Before I start off with my wishes for this week I just want to talk to you all!! Can I do that? Hopefully you said yes, and if not you may want to skip straight down to my goals for the week. 

Have you ever had a person that touched your life but then you lost track of them in this big ole world? Well I have, in fact I have two people that meant so much to me and when I moved away from them I always wondered what they were up to. In May it was on my heart to do some digging and to find out where my childhood friend from first grade was. Now I know all of this might sound quite stalkerish, but I assure you I am not a stalker. You see my childhood friend Barry was my very first friend. Looking back on those days for a 6 year old Barry had the concept of friendship down pat. He was kind, generous, forgiving, honest, and very loyal. When I made friends after losing contact with Barry I held them to that standard - I now also hold myself to the Barry-Jonathan friendship standard. A few months ago I was able to get in contact with Barry's mother - I found her number and gave her a ring. She actually remembered me, I unfortunately have not had the chance to talk to Barry because he is deployed but it is so good to know that he is okay. 

The second person that I have been wanting to contact was my favorite teacher. She was only my teacher for a short time in second grade but I grew to love her when she was teaching my brother two years prior. This woman was very sweet and you could see that God had anointed her to be a teacher. When I think back on her she was  glowing, young at heart, and vibrant. I was chatting with my mom the other day and I told her that I was wondering about Mrs.P and she said she would try to look her up in the school system but she needed her first name. I told my mom her first name was Anna - my mom didn't believe I could possibly remember her from all those years ago. I was pretty sure that I knew her name and would never forget. You know when you have a person that's special to you, you'd remember everything about them. What made me remember Mrs.P is because when I moved from my school to another school for second grade I was very unhappy. I missed my friends, I missed my teachers, I missed my old school and because I missed them so badly I hated my new school, I hated the new kids in my class, and most of all I hated my new teacher. One day at the end of the school day Mrs.R my new teacher called me up to her desk. She told me she had something for me and pulled out a huge orange envelope  It was addressed to me from my old teacher. I was really upset that Mrs.R waited the whole day to give me the envelope, but as an adult now I understand, and then I was beyond ecstatic to be getting mail from my old teacher. Her personality  kindness, and her ability to show how much she cared when we were miles apart caused her name to be written in my heart. I could never forget her even if I tried. You guys know my story about being Fatherless so it's truly something when someone that isn't blood related goes out of their way to show you that they care.

This weekend while chatting with my mom I was fired up again. Determined to find Mrs.P, and guess what? I did!! Of all places she was right under my nose in my favorite social media app - Instagram. I was afraid to contact her but I had to know if it was really her. My mom told me that it probably wasn't she didn't think it could be that easy. I took a deep breath and wrote on one of her instagram photos - at first I knew she would probably think I was a psycho because honestly I would have branded myself as one. I then tried again telling her things that would allow her to identify me as one of her pupils from 19 years ago. Then it happened, she remembered me. It was as if God smiled down on me from heaven. You see even in the time of my life were I was rejected the most by my earthly Father, God sent people to demonstrate his love for me. He put people in my life who loved on me when I didn't even know I needed it and that's why these two people are ones I will never forget. It took 20 years to reconnect with them but it was well worth it - in my eyes it's as if God has brought me full circle so that I could see how ever present he was in my life. Even back then!!

If you stuck around for the end of this post. Here are my weekly wishes.


1. Catch up on emails!!! 
I'm halfway there, I can see light at the end of my email tunnel!

2. Order those pictures for Christmas cards! 
Again....Why is this so hard?

3. Write out the grocery list for Thanksgiving meal. 

4. Solicit guest bloggers for my blog anniversary and hiatus!! 
If you are reading this and are interested in guest posting on faith, food, family, life,  infertility please contact me. 

5. Get to bed by 10pm for this whole week. 

6. Make special plans for Tuesday nights with Mr.FixIt, while small group is on break.

7. Schedule a mani/pedi!! 

8. Find a family to sponsor for a thanksgivings meal.

I am proud to say that I believe I am caught up on emails. If you haven't gotten an email from me it's your fault...just kidding! As for the Christmas cards, can we not talk about it? I am still working on getting together an email to send out to the people that have contacted me about guest blogging. I am really excited and you should see that email this week. 


1. Edit/Order my Christmas Cards.
I am more than halfway done.

2. Send out Guest Blogging Opportunity Email.
Thank you to those who have contacted me. I am getting that email out this week.

3. Shop for thanksgiving meal items this weekend.
I will be buying just about whatever I can to avoid the holiday rush.

4. Unplug for the weekend to spend time with Mr.FixIt.
By the way someone asked me who Mr.FixIt was, I know I have a few new readers so welcome! Mr.FixIt is the pet name I have for my husband since I don't share his name in blogland. I call him Mr.FixIt because seriously he can fix just about everything! Do you have an pet names for your spouse?

That's it for my weekly wishes!

Your Turn: What are your wishes for this week? Is there anyone in your life that you have lost contact with and would like to know just how they are doing?


  1. Love that you found her, yayayayay!! You are definitely not a stalker, I admire you and your desire to reconnect!! Love that! Hope you get some good QT with Mr. Fix it! ;)

  2. So amazing that you found Mrs P! I bet that meant so so much to her to hear from you. And I want to see your Christmas cards!


  3. I love this!! So happy that you found your teacher! Teachers who have an amazing impact like that are the reason that I've always wanted to be one :-) And I love your goals for the week! Unplugging for the weekend is the best...I just did it, and it was awesome.

  4. Charity, I am so grateful that you were brave and put yourself out there and looked me up! It has been great to connect with you and I am loving looking through your blog. It has honestly been a gift for me to hear from you again and I am so happy to see what a thoughtful, accomplished and beautiful young woman you have become!!!!

  5. Love that you found her!! yippee!!! And I had to giggle when I saw that you still hadn't ordered your Christmas cards :) I still haven't decided if I want to send out any this year. haha!! My hubby and I always try to do goofy ones and this year I wasn't feeling creative and my cousin who is the photographer has to have eye surgery this week so I kinda thought about skipping this year.

  6. Good for you! This is why I have a love/hate relationship with social media, it's amazing when we can connect with dear friends we've lost contact with over the years, but then the people who you WANTED to get lost comes back to find you! Haha! Love your goals! I am also getting Thanksgiving shopping done early. I can't stand long lines at the grocery store! Good luck with your wishes this week!

  7. Love that you were able to reconnect! How amazing! I have a friend I recently reconnected with as we found ourselves seated next to one another at a wedding. It was as God placed her there for me!

  8. Thanks for linking up with Motivational Monday. I hope to see you next week! Social media can be such a wonderful thing when I am not too busy hating it. That is awesome you were able to reconnect! Thanks for sharing! New GFC follower.

  9. That is amazing! I have thought of a few people I would love to reconnect with--a former teacher included! Maybe I will try to find them too. :)


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