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18 November 2013

What a wonderful weekend. I almost don't want to say goodbye to it, but if I don't how else am I supposed to get to Thanksgiving?! I have been talking to you all about trying to unplug more and it's been such a blessing each time. I have limited my beloved social media on the weekends to spend more time tending to my home and my husband. This weekend was fantastic and I got tons done. I tried new recipes, cleaned, organized and actually chose the photo and made our Christmas Card. All I have left to do is send them to print with my vendor. Aren't I fantastic?

I also took a trip to one of my favorite stores. It was such a last minute thing I was passing by and just got sucked in. Do you like Anthropologie? What do you buy when you shop there? I don't shop there very often but I like to go there for decor inspiration and occasionally I buy some things for our home. This night I purchased a few things to prep for our intimate Thanksgiving Dinner.

On to my weekly wishes. Here is how I did at last weeks goals.


1. Edit/Order my Christmas Cards.
I am more than halfway done.

2. Send out Guest Blogging Opportunity Email.
Thank you to those who have contacted me. I am getting that email out this week.

3. Shop for thanksgiving meal items this weekend.
I will be buying just about whatever I can to avoid the holiday rush.

4. Unplug for the weekend to spend time with Mr.FixIt.
By the way someone asked me who Mr.FixIt was, I know I have a few new readers so welcome! Mr.FixIt is the pet name I have for my husband since I don't share his name in blogland. I call him Mr.FixIt because seriously he can fix just about everything! Do you have an pet names for your spouse?

Those are my goals for the week. I am keeping it really simple as the holidays approach.


1. Send out Guest Blogging Opportunity email.

2. Clean Living room, Dining room, and Kitchen.

3. Get dining chairs.

5. Chose a dutch oven and get it ordered.

Your Turn: How was your weekend? Did you accomplish any of your goals? What's on the agenda for this week?


  1. Oh Anthro. How I love to drool over you. When we go in I pretty much put blinders on and head straight for the clearance section, where most of the time I still just touch and love on the pretty things. Then there are those times you find a random skirt for like 97 percent off. Those are the days you find yourself doing a happy dance in the middle of a store. With people staring at you. Who cares. $17 at Anthro skirt!

  2. I have only been in anthro a few times, but I stick to the TJ Maxx typish stores ;) So fun you got your Christmas cards done girl, Knowing your creativity, they are going to be so awesome!

  3. I've never been to an actual store, but I do check their website for things I can recreate myself! :) OH! I did finally go to an Ikea last week! You are not wrong about that store! I couldn't stop oh-ing and ah-ing over every single item in that store! AMAZING!

  4. I love Anthropologie!! But I also don't buy there very often!! I would love to get their cupboard downknobs eventually when I have a kitchen!! Each cupboard would have a different unique knob!! Happy Monday and good luck with your wishes!! Hope your thanksgiving dinner goes well!!

  5. How wonderful!!! I'm so glad you had such a great weekend!!!

  6. Ooh gosh, I love Anthro so much :) My wallet probably doesn't agree haha! But the clothes are just too gorgeous. Love your goals for this week. Also, a dutch oven--you go girl! That is awesome!! :)

  7. Really great list for your week's wishes!! I love when I can check them off!! Also, you got some really great stuff at my fave store, Anthro!

  8. Obsessed with all your purchases from Anthro!! Good luck this week! :)

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