Faithful Friday: Crash Course on Love

08 November 2013

Remember that time I talked to you all about wearing love? Well I've still be working on that. Between working on my marriage, my life, and my spirit it's safe to say I am a work in progress. That's totally okay with me though. At one point in my walk as a Christian I thought I had mastered controlling my tongue. Then I read a scripture the next day about controlling my thoughts. I was humbled and saw that there was always another stair to climb. It was in that moment that I realized that we will always be working on something until our Savior comes.


We are not a complete work without him. With that being said as I continue to work on wearing love I realize that love itself is easy, it's dying to your own desires, wants, and needs that makes it a challenge. It becomes really hard to show love to others when you always put yourself in the equation. Well I would help you but I'm already late for work. Well I would make you dinner but I already ate. I've said similar things, have you?

I have been challenging myself to wear love for several weeks. Originally I started trying to be more loving to just my husband - but you know it's impossible to truly change who you are to just one person alone. When a real change is taking root in you everyone will see it. Some days I wake up and forget my love jacket at home but God runs an awesome courier service and is always glad to have one of his angels bring it to me, not matter where I am. I'm currently in a remedial course on love - not on my love but on God's love. 

This week I am meditating on 1 Corinthians 16:14 which says "and do everything with love!'. That sounds so easy right? Well it's been a challenge, but even when I bomb it God always shows me a lesson and covers me with so much grace. I am sure you have heard "His grace is sufficient", it didn't say that His grace was sufficient for only the large things - His grace can cover us in matters that we think are too small and insignificant. 

As I seek to do everything in love I am trying my best to think less of myself. Don't get me wrong I totally believe that caring for ourselves is uber important, but you know what? Self is not a priority at certain times, we are called to do everything in love, even when it makes Self uncomfortable. I know for a fact when God wants us to have rest or be put first He will make provisions for us. I told you all how I am usually really impatient with other drivers, even though I am not as irritable any more I still have a long way to go. But this week as I was driving I felt immense peace even where crazy drivers were involved. I found myself talking more to God thanking Him for keeping my safe, and I also spent a fair amount of time tattling on people that cut me off. I would say "God you see this? That's what I am talking about!!" It sounds totally silly but in the moment it feels just right knowing that He is right next to me in all these situations big or small.He is showing that the same way He extends grace and loves me regardless in spite of myself that I owe others the same. If for no other reason than because they too are children of God. 

I'm really thankful for the changes that are stirring up inside me. I can see little buds of love fruit forming on my tree - the Holy Spirit is amazing.

Your Turn:  What fruit of the spirit is your greatest challenge? Are successful at doing everything in love?


  1. I love the idea of wearing a love jacket everywhere you go each day. I too struggle with this. I'd like to think the past couple years I've become more accepting of others and their lifestyles even if I don't always agree with their path. All I can do is be welcoming, accepting, loving, and find a way to give back to others. Taking SELF out is huge too. It's not always about US and how WE feel.

    1. Emily I so know what you mean. I have learned that I have to accept the person not necessarily their life. But I should cover them in love because every person deserves to be loved. It is hard because naturally I don't think I am as loving as I would like to be. But that's okay I'm a work in progress. Oh and you are so right removing ourself from the equation?! That's major!! Lol!! Thanks for sharing with me it helps to know that others can relate!!

  2. Your posts are always so encourage! Reminds me of Eph 4:15 - Speaking Truth in Love. Happy Friday girl. xo

  3. I like this post! I have been doing a "Lesson in Love" series on my blog about truly having God's divine love and showing it. I am learning it is a journey each and everyday and in every moment. And also that God's true divine love is based off of principal and not off of emotions like we as humans often show love. This has helped me, although, yes still a work in progress - but its really amazing to know how true love works!

  4. I love the idea of doing everything in love...and I try but it's SO hard! I am one selfish girl, and that is what this challenge makes me realize! I just need to pray more and be more intentional about loving others before myself.

  5. Wonderful reminders! And, I really love your illustration about "wearing love." I struggle with this too...not just loving one person more, but taking God's love with me wherever I go.


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