Cotton Like Clouds

01 November 2013

Hello lovelies. This Friday I am linking up with my sweet friend Aimee who blogs over at Dear Harper Blog to bring you the Find Beauty Friday Linkup. The purpose of this linkup up is to find the beauty in your life and capture it, so that you can share it with others. Please feel free to link up whatever image you found beautiful via your blog, or Instagram using the links below. Also take a moment to visit some of the links and don't forget to leave a sweet comment for the blogs or instagram's you visit.

This is just a quick snap of some barrier islands I took a photo of after shooting my latest wedding. The cloud were dark and rolling in but by the time the wedding began the sun was brightly shining. These lively colors and beautiful cotton like clouds all just point to the Master Painter! He's so remarkable, I love Him. I really enjoy shooting destination weddings but I love shooting the landscape and nature surrounding them more!

Your Turn: What was a beautiful moment or capture in your week? Tell me below!!

Dear Harper


  1. I love that picture. I feel like it's both dark and moody and light and cheerful! It's absolutely perfect! :-)

  2. What a beautiful photo! You my friend, are such a blessing! Thanks for co-hosting with me again!
    I got to capture several beautiful moments this week but my favorites were the photos I took of my sweet cat before he passed away on Friday. ♥

  3. How pretty! My favorite thing this week was seeing all the kiddos in their costumes, way too cute for words :)

  4. Super fun picture. It's like the calm before the storm.

  5. Awesome pic. Feels like I am there, dangling my feet over the side of a dock and just enjoying the breeze. Ahhh :)

  6. Oh, so pretty! I really should get outside more, that's what this makes me think. =) I'd love to photograph a destination wedding sometime!


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