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06 November 2013

Today I am switching it up on the blog. I want to share a recipe with you that has a little do with food - it's my beauty recipe. I'm not a beauty expert but I want to share what products and regimens work to help me maintain clear, clean, toxin free hair & skin. 

My Beauty Recipe

Lots of water throughout the day. 
I drink based on this calculator. Some days if I know I will be out and super busy I drink less so that I'm not in the restroom at every turn. This is especially important in the city because public restrooms are few and far in between.

1 Full nights rest. 
Every night! It's really so important to get sleep. A study I read said that dark cycles under your eyes are more about genes than sleep. But I get the under eye puffiness if I don't sleep, and I don't want to risk dark circles if the study is later proven to be untrue. Even though I get to bed after 12am some night I sleep until fully rested.

2 daily washes.
 I wash and moisturize my skin in the morning and in the night. Although I don't wear make up often I can attest that clean and moisturized skin holds makeup better. I also notice fewer tiny pimples and black heads with washing twice a day.

1 healthy diet. 
Yes our diet plays a part in how our skin looks and feels. Fruits and veggies are an excellent way to help your skin glow. I have a beauty detox smoothie that I have every morning. It's done great for my digestion which totally helps my skin glow. Certain things like fried foods and tons of sweets will show up on my skin.

2 eyes
Read labels and know what you are putting on your skin. Studies show that 64% of what we put onto our skin is absorbed.

Great harmless products. 
Find products that are free of toxic ingredients. You can check the toxicity level of your products by plugging them in to the HERE. You can also shop for new toxin free products via that site as well.

I have not always been health conscious and I actually started looking into more natural products because I wanted my hair to grow. Vain right?!! But whatever it takes...haha.

For my face: 

First I have always had relatively low maintenance skin, mostly clear except for an occasional pimple when my menstrual cycle was on the way. So far my skin has been exactly the same except I have dryness in my T zone when the weather changes. I also have started to get a few dark spots that irritate me so much. These spots are on my cheeks and are recent developments that I have traced back to the hormones I was taking for my fertility treatments. Currently I am in the maintaining stage where my skin is concerned. I'd like to maintain the texture, clarity, and overall tone. For a while I neglected my skin because it is so low maintenance but honestly I can see things are starting to change and I want to try and make them better before they get worst. My current routine involves washing my face twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. Recently I was given a Clarisonic and though I would not go back to my old method a Clarisonic is absolutely not a requirement for clean, clear and healthy skin. To buff my face previously I used Buf-Puffs. While they worked well they seemed wasteful in my eyes especially since you could only use them once. About 2 years ago when I started caring about what I was putting on my skin I started out with Alba Botanical Products. As of last year I switched to the Juice Beauty Organics line. 

Unfortunately I can't attest to how this product would work on skin that requires more maintenance but for me it works great. When I began using these products I had a slight break out. Honestly it was just a few fine bumps along my hairline and a few on my chin. Immediately I thought about returning my products but then I remembered with my hair products the company advised that sometimes when you switch to natural ingredients things get worst before they get better. I stuck it out and the bumps were gone in about 4 days - lesson learned that skin and hair need time to detox too.

This product does what it claims for me and that is to rejuvenate skin, keep it moisturized and looking youthful. It has also helped to reduce the dark spots that were forming now that I have begun treating them. I will be honest and tell you these products are on the expensive side at least to me, but it's worth it because little goes a long way. 

I also don't wear very much makeup but Juice beauty has a makeup line and I used to wear bare minerals because it also had less junk. Now my favorite thing is a little Juice Beauty mascara and the EOS organic lip balm pictured below. I also use this clay masque for deep cleaning of my pores.

For my hair:

A few years ago I read somewhere that people are so concerned about what they will eat but don't care about what they are feeding their skin. Honestly my healthy journey started in 2007 when I cut off my hair and went natural. I broke free from the relaxer world and for the first time I was learning how to care for my hair in it's natural state. I began researching, there is a wealth of knowledge in the natural hair community. I discovered that silicones, sulfates, and parabens were things that I would want to avoid using in my hair for various reasons. My eyes were opened and I started to see how these little things were in everything even all the way down to my toothpaste. I currently make my own tooth paste and mouthwash...but I still rely on companies for healthier body products.

For my hair I am using this Terressentials Organic mudwash. I was a bit skeptical about how mud could work to clean my hair?! Somehow it just does. Not only does it clean my hair without stripping away all my natural oils - the mudwash also leaves my hair soft and lightly fragranced.

For my body:

This is an area that I have always struggled with. I have tried endless products to see what would work to keep my smelling fresh and to clean me without killing me. In 2008 I had begun to develop cyst under my arms. For years I dealt with it. Never questioning what it could be from, I thought it was a part of life. As I ventured towards cleansing my body I read about aluminum causing all kinds of ailments. I am a heavy sweater and I always purchased the deodorants with the highest aluminum content to help me solve that problem. It reduce my sweating but later on after stopping with traditional deodorant I realized that the aluminum was also the cause of the underarms cyst - as I haven't had one since.

you are probably wondering do I even wear deodorant? Why yes, yes I do. It's not your traditional deodorant and it can't even be found on the deodorant aisle. It actually commonly used to treat digestive issues. I use Milk of Magnesia for deodorant. A few swipes under the arms and I am fresh all day. And trust me I have tested this puppy out!! My tasks are less than rigorous but when I first began using the MOM I was in Florida and one of my really great friends was teaching a boot camp on the Airforce base. She brought me on base three times a week for this class. I decided to try it there because if it failed that class would be the most acceptable place to be smelling like a pickle factory. After push ups, laps, steps us, planks, burpees, squats, crunches and a whole mess of other things in the Florida Sunshine I was sweaty but had absolutely no odor. MOM has not stopped me from sweating but since I am not working against my body's natural detoxing system I have noticed that I sweat way less. In fact yesterday I took a long walk around the city and I wasn't even sweaty when I came back home. I have tried the whole baking soda deodorant thing and it was much too abrasive for my armpits. There are times when I miss having fragrance wafting in the air when I lift my arms so I do use Lavanila natural Deodorant for special occasions. I have friends who swear by the deodorant crystal, funk butter (which I liked) or going Au naturale which (doesn't work at all for me), it's all about experimenting and finding out what works for you.

For cleansing my body I currently use Dr. Bronner's soaps. They do a great job of getting both my husband and I squeaky clean. Honestly if they can remove the soccer smell from that guy the soaps can do anything. They aren't your typical soaps so they won't lather something crazy because they are sulfate free. Want to know why I avoid sulfates my friend Caroline sums it up here except I didn't know they could have affects on fertility - now I am really glad I avoided them. Caroline also made me take a double take on what ingredients were in my hand sanitizer. You'd be amazed at how many chemicals can be found in the simplest things.

To moisturize my skin I use whatever I have laying around. Shea butter, Olive oil, and coconut oils are all fair game around here. As you can see I like to keep my skin care simple and toxin free.

Your Turn: I'd love to hear about your beauty recipe. What absolutely works for you, what products don't? Are you conscious about what you put on your skin? What products do you use and what things have you tried to avoid?


  1. Girl, I love that you look so gorgeous, even with a mask on your face!!! You are a wealth of information - definitely looking into your homemade toothpaste etc! I haven't made it yet, but want too! xoxo Thanks for all the wisdom!!

  2. You are beautiful! I need to take better care of myself. I'm awful with the water and the face creams. I just started using moisturizer and I can already tell the difference.

  3. Totally off topic but Charity you can take pictures of ANYTHING and make them amazing. Seriously- the photos of lip balm for example- beautiful and its lip balm! Thanks for sharing your skin is ALWAYS glowing!

  4. Love this post! I wish the Juicy Beauty worked for me, but I need something a little stronger. Oh the joys of BAD SKIN. But I found that Aveeno works great along with drinking water, using an exfoliant, and the right moisturizer.

  5. Good to see you like the Juice products. I've almost bought those several times, so maybe I'll have to try once my Eminence stuff runs out! I'm jealous of your Clarisonic too. I've got the knock-off Olay Pro X version, but I'm sure the Clarisonic is the cadillac. Also love that Skin Deep addictive!

  6. These are such great tips!!! I'm going to have to look into some of the products you shared. :-)

  7. Have you heard of the Honest Company's washes? I'm curious to know what you think of them... I've heard great things. I want to look into switching to more natural products... specifically face lotion and wash.

  8. I kind of have that "less is more" approach to beauty products. I try to find products that can serve multiple purposes. My skin is sensitive so I have to rotate products, even if they're natural. Right now I'm using Village Fresh's "Traditional Herbal Black Soap" (with lemon) and Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. I use the regular Oil of Olay for a moisturizer and whatever chapstick, lip balm that I can find in my purse. lol I've experimented with several natural deodorants but settled on one yet. My favorite so far has been Pampered Pits Cream Deodorant (Lavender Dream scent).

  9. First, can I just say that you have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen!? I have oily skin and sometimes I use Milk of Magnesia to help control the shine and oil on my face. I've never thought about using it for deodorant but I guess it's kind of the same principle isn't it? I also use baking soda as a clarifying shampoo. Love it! :) There is a shop in the town where I work that makes all natural soaps, sugar scrubs, lotions, lip balms, etc. They smell amazing and I love that it's all natural. Her sugar scrubs are fantastic! Her lavender lip balm is great too! I'll have to email you the link!

  10. Gosh, your skin Charity! It is flawless and so beautiful :) Loved reading about your skincare regimen! Ever since I discovered the Skin Deep guide months ago, I've become very cautious about my skincare products. Usually, I use natural olive oil soap on my face and body, but I can't seem to find shampoo/conditioner that leaves my hair looking/feeling healthy. I tried Jason's all natural stuff, but it left my hair limp and greasy on the top, and frizzy on the bottom somehow. Still trying to find hair products that work for me!

    Deodorant is probably the worst thing I use. I still use Degree long-lasting, and while it works, I constantly worry about the damage it's doing to my health. I'm cursed with the stinky pit syndrome, so I'm too nervous to try out something natural haha--but, I recently found an Etsy shop called Pollen & Wax that carries some amazing all-natural deodorant I might try (as well as their face cleansing oil, serums, toners and clays). That's my next step :) Then I need switch out my makeup! That will probably be the hardest....I am in love with my foundation ;)

    Thanks for sharing such awesome tips and tricks!

  11. I have recently been incorporating much more natural skin care products into my routine. Like you, I recently learned that what you put on your skin is absorbed in the blood--I'd never thought about it before. Now I find that when I'm eating healthier, my skin and hair look so much better. But I use honey to wash my face, coconut oil to moisturize (it's also my absolute favorite lip balm ever). I sometimes will use Acure face wash with my clairsonic or face scrub (especially when my skin gets dry). I wash my hair with baking soda and condition with apple cider vinegar (which I also use sometimes as skin toner). I've been trying various natural soaps, but haven't really settled on one yet. And I need to rethink toothpaste! I think I'll try your recipe. Oh, and I also have found that all these tiny cysts in my armpit have gone away since I've been using natural deodorant (I make it with baking soda, cornstarch, coconut oil and a little essential oil). Yay! I'm not a skin care or beauty expert, but I've been so pleased with the changes I've made and will have to blog about it at some point. Thanks for sharing what you do!

  12. Wow what a wealth of knowledge you are my brain is in super process mode and just wants to spring clean everything and get back to simple! Thanks lovely lady

  13. I agree that simple is better...we do need to use what is right for our hair, etc.


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