3 Musketeers

14 November 2013

If I haven't told you this before I will tell you now, Thanksgiving is my favorite Holiday. Not for what it meant in the beginning but what it means to me now. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being with the family that God gave me. My family is far from perfect, just like me - but that mash up of personalities, flaws, loud mouths and funny characters is what makes up my family dynamic.

On this Thursday I would like to share what I am thankful for when it comes to family.

I am thankful for my Mommy, she was a single mother and raised both my brother and I with a loving and gentle hand. 

I am thankful that she never spanked me. I mean seriously who could spank me - I was such an awesome kid!

I am thankful for growing up in a loving household. Sure we had an absent Father but the love of God and from our Mother weighed heavy in our home. We are the 3 musketeers.

I am thankful for a Big Brother who I wasn't always so thankful for. He used to squeeze my hand and tell me what to do, but nowadays I am thankful for his friendship and wisdom....he still tells me what to do!

I am thankful for three cousins who helped me see what it was like to be a big sister without permanently altering my life. I was happy when they went back home after the weekend.

I am thankful for an Uncle who let me ride on his shoulders when I was small so I could feel tall.

Excuse the man boobs, this was the 90's shirts were optional.
I am thankful for a Grandmother who always told it like it was. These days I am trying to help her find her "what not to say" filter but she's taught me that truth is vital.

I am thankful for being a part of a family that loves hard and forgives as easily as they love.

I am thankful for the laughs that my family and I have shared each time we were together.

I am thankful for the trio of women who helped me to find my place in the world.
Mommy, Grandma, and Auntie - the core of our family.

I am thankful that God chose these people to be mine!

Your Turn: In what was are you thankful for your family? Who is at the core of your family?


  1. Nice post!! I'm thankful for my beautiful, strong mother who raised my brother and I as a single mother. Even thought I could not stand my little brother when we were little, I am thankful for the relationship that we have now. He is like my baby and I feel like a protective mom. I am thankful for my aunt, Yvonne, and my cousin that's like a sister, Tameko. Both have been there for me through thick and thin, and they will always be in my life.

  2. Oh yea...the core of our family is my mom. With my granny and grandfather gone, she's the backbone of this family!!

  3. When my mom remarried 20 years ago I went from being an only child to having two sisters and a brother. The transition wasn't exactly a smooth one, but I am SO thankful for them now. They are my family whether we share blood or not. ♥

    Great post, friend! xo

  4. I am thankful for my loving family and my AWESOME daughter. You are the BEST, and I would NOT trade you for ANYTHING!! I will love you until my last breathe, and if there is an after life I will love you still.

  5. Oh girl, How I loved to see these pictures!!! You are gorgeous and love hearing more about your family!! We all have so much to be thankful for! God is too good. xoxo

  6. There is nothing like family and friends! Jesus is SO good! Love your post-- and your blog :) :)




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